Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 21, 2015

Soggy Saturday
March 21, 2015

Lovely afternoon rain

The nice man who cares for our front yard normally mows it on Thursdays.  Since it had been raining, he didn't get to it.  Yesterday it didn't rain and this morning it did not, but this afternoon - Wow!  A very heavy rain lasted much of the afternoon.  Well, it was heavy part of the time, but the rain lasted for several hours.  I have mentioned before that our family loves weather events and Mom would have loved this one, but she slept through it on my couch.
Rain pouring off the roof
There were several possible titles for this blog and one was Strange Saturday.  It wasn't creepy type strange, but I fell asleep in the recliner last night - I am making a habit of that I think.  I woke at  3:00, but before I could get settled in bed, I was wide awake.  I wrote the blog entry I didn't get done last night and cleaned the kitchen.  My husband came in about 5:00 to see what I was up to.  I told him I didn't have on my Cochlear Sound Processor and thought I was being quiet.  He just rolled his eyes Heavenward.  I think that means he was asking God for patience.
The fern I weeded
At 7:00 Ron left and I went back to sleep and slept until 9:00.  I worked on a couple of projects.  I put out a few more Easter decorations and worked on a photo book I am making.  Made good progress on both and left about noon to go get Mom and Carmen.  I had not been sure if Mom would feel like coming but she wanted to be here.  I had told her I would not bring Carmen to my house unless she was also coming.  It took a while before they were ready to come and I weeded one of Mom's beautiful fern planters while I waited. 
Thankfully this bed of fern didn't need weeding
A few blocks from Mom's house on our way to mine, it started to rain.  I was glad to have gotten her in the car before the rain came and at my house I would pull into the garage to let her out so she would not get wet.  She came in, headed for the couch, fixed her pillow and fell asleep.  Carmen worked on the house while I worked in the kitchen and in the yard filling feeders, ponds (you would not think I would need to do that but one must have a leak) and putting out fruit for the birds.  I also fixed hummingbird food and filled the new feeder I got weeks ago and Carmen cleaned one of the old ones and I filled it also.  I am ready for migration.  I hope the birds come visit when I have time to photograph them. 
My petunias blooming in the rain

I have been trying to sew for what seems like weeks!  I found out why I don't accomplish much in that area.  I started to sew one seam and the thread jammed.  I had to dismantle part of the machine to fix it and had to dismantle it two more times before I had it running smoothly.  Then I sewed one seam, got ready to sew the next and ended up having to rip it out.  Later I was setting up the other machine for Carmen so I could teach her how to machine piece a quilt and some cute little granddaughter must have threaded it wrong and just about the same thing happened.  It just seems to take me forever to get started.
One of Mom's Amaryllis blooms.  They just get more beautiful each day.
Carmen and I mixed up a banana cake from scratch and put it in the oven.  About the time it came out of the oven, she was finished with all the house except the sewing room and Mom was still sleeping so I told her not to vacuum or dust.  That was when I set up the second machine for her to use.  I gave her some fabric squares and showed her how to lay them out on the design wall and then to start sewing pairs together.  She was sewing the second pair when Mom woke up.
My Amaryllis plants are just about to burst into bloom.  
In the background are a couple of sunflowers that have come up from bird seed.

We shared banana cake and then all went to the grocery store.  Carmen and Mom did their shopping and I did mine.  Mom was tired when we finished but said she enjoyed getting out.  It was 7:30 when I left them at Mom's with sacks of goodies to keep them fed for a while.

At home I had a bad headache and I think it was just time to eat.  I had missed breakfast with my strange schedule and lunch was just a grilled cheese sandwich at 2:00.  I ate and still have not gotten back to the sewing machine. 
When Mom got up from her nap, she was looking at the Easter eggs and I reminded her she had painted many of them.  She pointed out the ones she painted and this is one of my favorites.
The sweet little girl face is the one I referenced

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