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March 8, 2015

What a Weekend!
March 8, 2015

Designed and made by 10 year old granddaughter for her 6 year old brother
(as per his request)

The two granddaughters who spent the night with us last night had the giggles and chatted with each other until about 1:00 this morning.  As expected, they were a little hard to get up this morning, but since they sleep in the sewing room, they were tempted by the sewing machines, so they got up on the second call.  We had breakfast and then they sewed a little before time to go to Sunday School and church.
Pin cushion made for me by the oldest of the girls.

Considering that this was Time Change Sunday, our class did very well.  We had 26 there today and almost all were on time.  It was a good class and an excellent lesson.  We did hate to hear the news that one couple will be moving to Houston soon.  We will miss them a lot.  I slipped out early to go get my mother.  She looked great and was feeling pretty well.
Pillow for 3 year old sister from the 12 year old
For the worship service, the auditorium was slow filling, but by the time the sermon started it was comfortably filled.  I did better with the music and there were a couple of familiar hymns.  If the choir director sings right into the microphone, I can hear better.  Of course I am using the transistor radio hooked up to the cable that then connects to the Cochlear sound processor.  The sermon was excellent but with the time change and the girls late night giggles, I fought to stay awake.  The auditorium was a little cold and a couple of people left due to it being too cool, but that kept my granddaughter snuggled up to me which warms a grandma's heart.
Back of the pillow shown above
We visited a long time after church and then brought the girls home with us again and stopped for hamburgers on the way home.  As soon as they finished eating, they were back at the sewing machines and worked the afternoon away.  I baked a cake and helped them with assorted activities in the sewing room.

They made small pillows for their baby sister and quilts for their dolls.  The younger of the two made a small fabric doll for her youngest brother who requested it after she made one for the baby sister.  The older of the girls made bedding for the little doll.  They worked hard and really had a good time.
The girls at Mom's with their weekend treasures
A little after 6:00 we all loaded up and Ron left the girls and me at my mom's so I could check on her and the girls could show off their handiwork.  Mom and Carmen were properly impressed with their work and the girls were glad to show off all they had done.  While we were there, Ron went by his mom's to check on her.
Another of the pillows they made
When he got back, we gathered up their treasures and took them home.  We ended up staying there for the rest of the evening, having pizza and chatting and enjoying the children's playful antics.  What a joy it is to be with this family.  The girls had taken home their treasures, but my heart with filled with what will be treasured memories.
Back of the little doll shown at the top of the page.

Bedding in progress for the little doll
As we were leaving Jeff's house on a rainy evening, I was taken by the display by the front door, shown in the photo below.  Normally, they leave all their shoes by the front door.  What an assortment of styles and sizes, from cowboy boots to ballerina slippers, big tennis shoes, Crocs, loafers (mine) sandals, and canvas slippers.  That just struck me as a symbol of the variety in the family, yet they all blend together into a precious picture of a loving family.

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