Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

Marvelous Monday
October 26, 2015

A beautiful fall day
Autumn actually started over a month ago, but it just got here today.  The temperature was down a little but the humidity was down a lot.  The sky was a crystal blue with only a few early morning clouds on the horizon.  There was a nice breeze and I would have loved to spend the day at the island looking for migrating birds as some friends did.  They said they had a very successful birding day.
 Beautiful palms against the blue sky
Instead, I started the day at the doctor's office for a yearly fasting blood test.  The nurse tried twice unsuccessfully to get the blood sample by digging in my arm and hand to find a vein.  She gave up and asked if I could wait for the male nurse to arrive in a few minutes.  Sure.  He did much better, only digging on the other hand.  There is a technician in Harlingen who is so good at getting blood samples!
 New growth on the mimosa tree
Before going to the office, I came to the house to eat breakfast and get my lunch, arriving earlier than I often do.  Ron left on one job and then returned for a while before going on another one later in the afternoon.  I spent my day paying some bills, balancing my checkbook, waiting on customers, filling some key hooks, and sewing for about 10 minutes.
 New growth on the ebony tree

Leaving the office, I went by the bank and then came home.  I just could not get over what a beautiful day it was.  I spent a little time in the yard taking some photos.  As I have mentioned, but trees are putting on new growth and think it is spring.  A few of the plants I planted a few weeks ago are finally blooming but nothing spectacular as far as they are concerned.
 Long branches of new growth on the oak trees
Ron stayed late to work.  He had a job called in that will take him much of tomorrow I think.  He got some of the things ready for that.  I ate leftovers and enjoyed strawberries for dessert.  I think I told you I had not eaten strawberries for years but my allergy blood test said I am not allergic to them.  I am enjoying them.
 Flowers finally blooming
The International Quilt Show in Houston is this week, so I am trying to get ready to go.  So much to do.  I have been going off and on for 30 years I think.  There were some years I could not go but I have enjoyed every one of the ones I have been able to attend.  I am glad the rain in Houston has stopped but it may rain again this coming weekend.
Shrimp plant with new blooms


  1. Didn't think you were going to the quilt show! I'm jealous...but I just don't feel I have the stamina to go. Chris vandercamp is going so you might look her up. The shop here is taking a bus but it's only for one day and that would be too hard for I'll just stay home and sew!

    1. The trip was rather a last minute decision. We had a good trip and I know what you mean about the stamina. It was a lot of walking! But I got a lot done and am glad I went.