Saturday, October 17, 2015

October 17, 2015

Cochlear Implant Notes
October 17, 2015

Every once in a while I like to take time to think about what my Cochlear Implant means to me.  Right now as I type this blog entry, the television is going behind me.  I can hear (sort of) what is going on, and right now it is one commercial after another.  When I listen to them with my back turned, I really can't tell what they are saying or what they are advertising.  That is not all bad.

When a movie comes on, I can pick out a little more of the conversation in the movie.  They usually talk more slowly in a movie.  Commercials try to squeeze in every word possible during their 30 seconds or whatever time they have.  I depend on closed captioning a lot.  I can often see the word or phrase that I miss since it is usually slightly delayed from the actual dialog in the show.

This morning I got up early.  I got a few things done at the house and then went to Mom's to pick up her helper to do housework for me today.  While she was here, I ran some errands, stopped at a few garage sales, went to get milk and bread and returned to the house.  On my errands, I was not worried about how I would hear when I stopped at the garage sales.  I was able to talk to the people at each stop without worrying about not being able to hear them.

At the store, I could easily handle things at the check out.  When I first went deaf, going to the grocery store or doing any shopping was very stressful.  An encounter at the post office this week, reminded me of those days.  The clerk was new and was a little rude when I could not hear him.  I know it wasn't his fault, but it reminded me of how hard every day would be without the Cochlear Implant.

I returned home after my errands and worked at the sewing machine for a while.  Before long it was time to take Carmen back to Mom's house.  After I got back I had lunch.  Ron started the sprinklers in the yard this afternoon.  We had a few brief showers this past week, but they were too brief to do much good.  We have possible rain in the forecast later in the week.

Late this afternoon I went to Wal-Mart for a few things and again had no worries about hearing the clerks at the check out.  Those are the things we take for granted when we can hear.  I remember this past week I had a customer who had told me how many keys he needed and I repeated back to him what I heard him say.  He said, "yes".  I made the 4 keys and when I gave them to him, he said he only asked for one.  Well, I just told him I was sorry, and that I didn't hear him correctly.  He said, yes, his dad was that way.  I told him to speak up and speak slowly when he speaks to his dad and to be patient with him.  I hope he will be.

It has been a nice day and the house is clean following my morning with my helper here.  Tomorrow is my husband's birthday, so it will be a day to celebrate.  Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

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