Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 21, 2015

Quilt Project Continues
October 21, 2015

While any scraps can go into a scrap quilt,
 it is best if all of them are all the same type of fabric.
My choice is 100% cotton fabric.

It is hard to believe 2/3 of October is gone.  I have a friend who will be reminding me, any day now, that it is only 2 months until Christmas.  Another friend posted a note about it being time to order Christmas wreaths. 

Today at the office, time seemed to go slowly.  I was there a little earlier than most days and Ron was out most of the day, but at 2:30 I was hoping it was time to go home.  It wasn't.  In fact I ended up staying late, so it really was a long day at the office.  During the afternoon I was able to take the paper off a few more of the string pieced blocks.
Solids, prints, tone-on-tone; all mix together well.
This morning, shortly after I arrived at the office, Ron left on a job and said he did not think he would be gone too long.  A new salesman came in and I had customer after customer while I tried to talk to him.  He is with a company where we do a lot of our buying.  He reminded me that I had met him at the state locksmith convention last year.  He remembered me telling him about my Cochlear Implant to give me hearing.

The salesman and I talked about the Cochlear Implant in between customers and then also about Albuquerque.  He had lived there for many years, working for the same company at a different warehouse.  He is much quieter than the previous salesman from this company so it will take time to get used to him.  I had texted Ron to see if he was almost finished on his job and he said he could come in a few minutes.
Floral prints, cartoon prints, patterns; the more the merrier.
Ron showed up and I left them to the ordering and tried to eat my lunch while Ron was in the office.  He had to get a couple of things and return to the job he had been working on when I texted.  He was out much longer than I expected and I stayed very busy with customers most of the afternoon.

Lunch finally was thrown out after it had set on my desk for 3 hours.  I did get a little to eat, but did not finish it.  My brother-in-law, Jim, came by.  He will be here for a couple of months.  He is writing  a book and will spend time working on it while he is staying at Mom's house.  It was good to see him.  He is looking good and healthy. 
Dots, stripes, plaids; mix them all up and start sewing.
Ron's car had a radiator problem last night when he got home, so first thing today he took it in for repairs.  After work we were waiting for it to be delivered and finally we decided I could just take him to pick it up and then he would return to the office to work for a while.  I came home, fixed my supper and read for a while.  I am planning to head to bed shortly.

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