Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Another Busy Day at the Office
October 19, 2015

The sunflower photos were taken at our
 son's house yesterday just before dark.
Ron got me up this morning and then he went to take his bath.  When he was finished, he had to wake me again.  Then he told me he had an early job out of the office.  So I really had to hurry to make it there in time for him to keep his appointment.  He was out of the office for several hours, returning briefly to pick up supplies.

Another busy day is so good for our business.  I kept busy waiting on customers all morning and then later in the afternoon when Ron went out on another job, it was slow and I was able to do a few of my jobs.  Customers seemed to be in a hurry today and none stopped to visit.  A couple of them took a long time selecting their purchases, but were not interesting in chatting, except for one who wanted to know if I remembered the small bank that looked like a safe that he bought about 3 years ago.  Yes, I remembered the bank, but not him. 

I worked on the quilt squares for my string pieced quilt blocks.  Each square was sewn to a square of  paper to stabilize it, and that has to be removed.  Out of the 154 squares, I have the paper removed from 114 of them. 

Once I got home, I spent the next couple of hours in the kitchen fixing my supper (Ron was working late) and then baking an apple pie which turned out to be wonderful!  I do love to bake. 

I spent some time reading and then cleaning the kitchen.  I had it clean at one point and then messed up some of it again, so I need to get back to it this evening. 

The man who is recovering my chair and the foot rest for my recliner, returned the recliner foot rest yesterday and Ron got it installed this evening.  I am so glad to have my recliner back in service.

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