Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 9, 2015

Friday and the Rain
October 9, 2015

To the South
Friday started out busy.  I was up a little earlier than the last few days.  I got to the office about 9:30 and Ron left on a couple of jobs.  I had a good number of customers to wait on and some paper work to do in my office. 

Ron came back mid-afternoon and had work to do on placing orders and working out keying systems for customers for next week.  I got a deposit ready to go to the bank and took it right after Ron got back.  While I was out, I saw dark clouds to the east, the northwest, and the south. 
To the North West
Ron had an emergency job that came up just before closing time so he did not get to go to supper with my mom and me.  The rain started about the time Ron left the shop on the emergency job.  It was not long until the side street was flooded.  While I was getting ready to lock up, I put out the sand bags that were still by the doors from the last rains.

My Cochlear sound processor is water resistant, but I try to always protect it when I know I am going to get wet.  As I tried to lock up after work, the sand bags against the side door made it hard to lock and I took the processor off and set it in a protected area with my purse while I stood in the pouring rain and got the door locked.
 To the East
I headed to Mom's to see if she wanted to go to supper or not and she said she thought the rain had let up.  She was correct and before long it did clear off.  I helped her into the car and I decided we would go to Luby's which is not too far from her house and would be easy to get her home if the rain continued.  Ron did not make it to join us.  His job took too long.  He got home about the time I did.

It was a quiet evening and we had time to talk.  The day had not allowed for much of that.  

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