Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 27, 2015

Beautiful Moonlit Night
October 27, 2015

Again, we had an amazing fall day.  The sky was clear, the temperature was nice, and the day ended with a beautiful view of the moon.  Since the air was clear it made the view even better than usual.

This morning I got moving a little earlier than usual since Ron had a couple of jobs out of the office today and one was out of town.  We both had lots of things going on today that we wanted to get done. 

Once I arrived at the office, Ron left and was gone the rest of the morning and past lunch time.  I had customers to help, but the morning was slower than the afternoon.  One thing that came up was that my first three customers wanted to pay with $100 bills.  We don't like to take the large bills unless it is a large purchase, but I notice the banks prefer to give the large bills.  I took the first one since the man's purchase was large, but declined the next two on purchases under $10.

Ron came back for a while and then left on his other job and did a little shopping while he was out.  I wanted a comfortable backpack that is not too large.  This evening I went and got one closer to what I had in mind. 

After work, we met our friends for supper at Brownsville Coffee Shop on International.  They were busy with lots of folks who knew one another and it was a little noisy as they exchanged greetings from table to table. 

After my shopping stop on the way home, I got my camera and went to take some moon shots.  There was one of our branches down on the edge of the street that I had not picked up and I tripped on it and thankfully caught myself.  I do not need to break anything else.  That's what I get for ignoring that branch for the last two days and then walking in the dark.

We both spent the evening working on a variety of things around the house: laundry, dishes, etc.  It is amazing how quickly the house can get messed up.

This afternoon while Ron was out of the office, I played with a different quilt pattern.  I had a good time just using scraps to try out the pattern. 

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