Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 10, 2015

Saturday Catching Up
October 10, 2015

This was our first Saturday back from our 5 day trip to see our son and his wife.  I will continue with just a few more hot air balloon photos.  It had rained Friday late afternoon  - 2 1/2 inches according to the National Weather Service, so we slept late and I spent the day at home.  Ron went to the office mid-morning to work on some things for several jobs he has next week.

While Ron was at the office, I spent time finishing my unpacking.  I did laundry and read some.  My back was hurting when I got up so I did not want to overdo and make matters worse.  I fixed lunch expecting Ron home about 2:00 but it was closer to 4:00 when he arrived. 

Mid-afternoon I had a message from one of the ladies in the church that a group of young adults were having a scavenger hunt later, and wondered if they could come by our house in the evening.  I said that would be fine and decided I needed to do more house cleaning.  My house keeper had been off for the last month and I was way behind.

It had been a long time since I had run the vacuum and done the chores Carmen (my house keeper) usually does, but I got things shaped up - and then, they did not come.  No, problem!  My house is clean, and we had a quiet evening relaxing. 

I had spent a few minutes in the backyard and the mosquitoes were vicious.  They love to bite me!  I will have to spray myself to do any real work out there. 

The day was very nice and I was so glad to have the house clean for the week ahead.  Sometimes I just have to be nudged to get those things done that I should stay on top of.

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