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October 6, 2015

Tuesday - Our First Day 
Back at the Office
October 6, 2015

It is always good to be home after a trip but I am not always ready to be back at the office.  I could have stayed home for the day and unpacked and done laundry, but I was needed at the office.  I think Ron stayed in the office almost all day, but there were lots of things to keep us both busy.  It seemed that we both spent a lot of time with customers.

I did some paper work and when the mail came there was a big stack to deal with.  I took care of that and refilled several key blank hooks during the day.

Ron and I were both so blessed about our trip in that my youngest sister stayed with Mom the entire time I was gone and a couple of extra days.  Ron's brother from Tennessee came and stayed with their mom while we were gone and that allowed both of us to relax and really enjoy the trip to the fullest, knowing that our moms were being well cared for.  What a blessing.

After work, Ron went to have supper with his mom.  His brother had left earlier in the day so he did not get to see him on this trip.  I met my sister and Mom at Luby's for a nice supper.  We were able to have a room to our selves most of the time.  That helped on the hearing.  My sister was meeting a friend a little later so it was not a long visit, but it was good to catch up on news and to tell them about our trip.

From there I went to get milk and bread so I could have breakfast and a lunch to take to work the next day.  I started on the unpacking, but did not get too far.

We are so thankful for the trip, the ones who took care of things at home while we were gone, and the wonderful way we were treated by Bob and Vickey while we were in New Mexico.  Thank you to all who made it possible for us to go, including our McAllen family who gave us Southwest Airline gift cards for Christmas and birthdays to help cover the trip.  You all are a blessing to us.

We have a lot of wonderful memories about the trip and are so glad we could go.

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