Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 13, 2015

An Unexpected Day Off!
October 13, 2015

Summer Tanager - Female  (I am open to correction)
This morning Ron woke me just before he left for work - much later than I like.  Just as I was loading the car to go to the office, I looked at my phone and had some messages.  A couple were from Ron telling me the air-conditioner at the office was not working and that it was already 88 degrees in the shop.  I do not function well over 76 degrees at the office.  There was no way I could function at 88  (at 9:00 a.m.), knowing it was only going to get worse.  It got to 95 degrees in the shop later in the day.  Ron said the repairman would be there tomorrow and that he had locked up, put a note on the door and gone on some jobs.
Female Summer Tanager

To top it off, there was no breeze today and if we open the doors at the office, we have to turn off the door chimes and that means I have to stay in the front all day.  I texted back that I was going to sew today.  At home.  In the air conditioning.  The repairman did make it to the office today and Ron was there part of the day.  He takes the heat much better than I do.  In fact, when I have the thermostat at 76, he wears his long sleeved flannel shirts.  He is always cold.
Wilson's Warbler (male)
I spent the morning cutting fabric and sewing, as I started putting together the 154 blocks for the string pieced quilt.  I have row one all together and the next two laid out.  It was a nice change to be able to be at home at my sewing machine with good lighting, my best sewing machine, and good air-conditioning.
Quilt top in progress
As an added bonus, the birds were very active today.  I think the heat brought them all the the birdbaths and they really enjoyed the water. There were dozens of sparrows, at least four Green Jays, a Wilson's Warbler, Golden-fronted Woodpeckers, a summer tanager, and a few others. 
Green Jay

About 1:00 I had my lunch and then decided to drive to Harlingen to go to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies for the man to use who is recovering a chair for me.  I needed foam and upholstery fabric.  I called Mom to see if she wanted to go and she said she would love to, so I picked up Mom and Carmen and we drove to Harlingen.
 Cute young sparrow
It got darker and darker as we drove, as rain clouds moved in from the west.  While we were in Hobby Lobby, it rained and had about finished by the time we were through shopping.  I was glad to have Mom along to offer opinions on the upholstery fabric.  I had taken a toss pillow that had come with my sofa to compare it to the fabrics and was pleased to find many options to select from. 
Young female Golden-fronted Woodpecker
I purchased the fabric and foam that the man needs and this evening Ron took the foot rest off the recliner so I could also take it for the man to recover.  It is very worn.  The fabric for the foot rest is not a match, but a coordinating fabric that should do.  The man working on it said he would see if he has anything closer. 
Bird bath filled with sparrows
We got back about 5:00 and I dropped Mom and Carmen off and picked up some supper for me.  The quilt group decided not to meet tonight.  They had other things going on so I spent more time on the quilt in progress.  I worked on the quilt while the Presidential Debate was on.  I had not heard of two of the Democratic candidates.  I did not know they were going to be on.  Choices are very clear cut between the two parties this time. 
Young sparrow
We talked to our son in San Antonio this evening and it was good to catch up on things at his house.  It is always fun to talk to him.  He has such a good outlook on life and is so cheerful.  I miss all of our guys as they have scattered - some further than others.  Recently my doctor asked if I resented our sons moving away.  I told her I had always felt it was our job to raise independent adults and that they have all reached that goal.  Yes, we miss them.  We wish we could be together more often, but I would never want to make them feel that they had to stay where we are.  The biggest regret is that I can't hear better on the phone to make telephone conversations more enjoyable. 

Young sparrow

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