Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 3, 2015

An Event I Had Wanted to Attend 
for a LONG Time
Part 2
October 3, 2015

We left the Balloon Festival launch field about 9:30.  Bob and I had tried often to call Bob and Vickey on the phones, but all the circuits were busy all morning.  I guess everyone was posting photos on their social media pages.  When we finally returned to the picnic table, they were waiting and enjoying staying put. 

We left and it was almost 10:30 by the time we got to a Whataburger for an early lunch since we had our breakfast very early.  This particular Whataburger was far enough away from the site to not be very busy and the decor was of hot air balloons.  It was a very restful lunch.

We returned to the house and left the guys to take naps as Vickey and I went shopping.  Of course my first stops were quilt shops.  I bought several pieces of fabric and a kit of a picture of hot air balloons and a silhouette of a lady photographing the event.  Bob had taken a photo of me taking photos that I am hoping he can design for me to use in the quilt in place of the lady shown on the quilt pattern.

At the next quilt shop, I also found a few things.  From there we went to Cracker Barrel and then Hobby Lobby.  Vickey drove me around the area to show me the various places they shop and to give me a better fell of the area.  We had a good time chatting as we drove around. 

When we returned to the house, the guys ran an errand and picked up fast food for us to eat.  Then it was time to go to the fireworks display.  Vickey decided to stay home but the rest of us went to a spot where Bob and Vickey have watched the balloon festival and fireworks displays for most of the time they have been in Albuquerque. 

We had a good spot, out of the traffic, and with just a few other cars of people there to watch.  It is about 1/2 way between their house and the launch site for the balloons.

The fireworks were excellent and went on longer than my camera batteries lasted so I missed the grand finale.  We were all having trouble being ready with enough batteries as we saw so many spectacular sites.  Some of those spectacular sites were ones made by men and others are made by God. 

When we got home, Vickey made another peach cobbler and we enjoyed that as we continued non-stop visiting.  We had such a good time and there was still more to come.

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