Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 1, 2015

A Relaxing, Enjoyable Day for Me
A Busy, Enjoyable Day for Ron
October 1, 2015

Early morning sky in Albuquerque

Since our flight was a late evening one on Wednesday, we were all tired and slept until about 7:00 or 8:00 Thursday morning.  Bob and I took a morning walk and enjoyed watching a few hot air balloons practicing for the upcoming Balloon Fiesta that started on Saturday. 
Hot air balloon 
The company that owns this balloon sells rides on their balloons
Vickey fixed a French toast casserole for breakfast and we all appreciated her efforts.  Then the guys left for the day, while Vickey and I visited and waited for a friend of mine who was coming from Tuscon, Arizona to spend a few hours visiting with me.  My friend is Suzy Sample Pierce, and she had a friend, Marta, who had driven for her.  It was about an 8 hour trip each way, but Suzy and I had not seen each other in many years and she wanted to make that special effort to make the visit happen.  What a true friend. 
My friend Suzy
Suzy and I became friends when I was in Junior High and she was in High School.  Band had brought us together and our love for the Lord has kept us together.  We had a great visit.  Vickey and Marta went to the store to get a few things so we could have lunch at home instead of a restaurant so it would be a very quiet environment where I could visit without too much trouble hearing. 
Don't know the name.  One of the high desert plants. 
 Large and beautiful.
All throughout our visit to Albuquerque, Vickey and Bob did so much to meet our needs.  They sought out quiet places to eat and we had most meals in their home.  Vickey worked to meet my special diet restrictions and also for Suzy's diet needs.  She just worked so hard to make us feel special and loved.
 High desert cactus
Our visit went well, but was just not long enough.  Suzy and Marta had a long drive back home, but it was a precious time.  Suzy had brought devotional books for Vickey and me and another gift for me.  
 Western scrub jay across the street from my son's house
While we enjoyed the visit our guys were out visiting various spots special to Bob.  They went to his office where Ron met many in the office.  They saw other parts of the facility and had good conversations with Bob's co-workers.  Following that, they took a short hike into the foothills behind their house.
 Homemade chicken pot pie made by Vickey for supper.  Yummy!
When the guys returned, Bob and I took another walk in his neighborhood enjoying the birds, desert flowers, clouds stretched across a lovely blue sky and then staying out to watch a beautiful sunset that cast a pink glow to the Sandia Mountains behind their house.
The mountain turns pink from the sunset

Vickey made a couple of chicken pot pies for supper, but we only ate one so that took care of the supper for the next evening which helped.  She then made a peach cobbler for dessert.  She is a good cook and thankfully all the walking we did, meant I only gained two tenths of a pound while I was there!
Sunset on Thursday evening in Albuquerque
This was our first trip to our son's home in the four and a half year they have lived there.  They miss many things about Texas but have come to love the high desert country.  The area where they live limits residents to only growing native plants in their yards.  Houses are in the Adobe style and that cuts down on the cooling needed to live in the desert summer temperatures.  They also cut down on the heating needs in the winter and evenings.  Albuquerque is at around 5,000 ft. elevation, but where they live just out of the city limits, they are at about 6,080 ft.  
 Another section of the mountain not at sunset
Their neighborhood is VERY quiet.  Mostly retirees live in the area and it is amazing how quiet it is.  I enjoyed the walks with Bob and know if I lived there I would be taking frequent walks in the early mornings and evenings. 
Beautiful end of a very nice day


  1. Did you ride the tram up to the top of the mountain? Karen and I were there for Balloon Fest one year and rode it, wearing shorts and sandals. While we were walking around on top, we found ourselves in the middle of a snow storm about a mile from the station to go down. For once in my life, I was really, really cold!

    1. There was not time for the tram, or the right weather when we might have had time. Next time!