Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Still Catching Up
October 12, 2015

This hot air balloon was huge!
At work, I am still catching up on end of the month work.  I continue to wait for the bank statement so I can finish all the reports and send them to our accountant.  I worked today on the credit card charges.  I  have all the paper work on them done and just a little more to be done and then the bank statement. 

In the meantime, I balanced my own checkbook and somehow my computer had lost 5 months of information.  I had a back up disc and finally got it all taken care of so I could balance the account.  It took a while to get everything working right so that occupied most of my morning.  This afternoon Ron was out on jobs and it was very quiet at the office.  I restocked some key hooks and stamped some keys. 

It was a little past closing time before I left the office to come home and fix supper.  I put a ham in the oven to heat and sweet potatoes warming.  Ron was staying late to work, but arrived sooner than I expected, so it will be a late supper.  Worked in the yard briefly but the mosquitoes chased me inside. 

I washed some new fabric so I can work on finishing a quilt top. That should keep me busy for a while.  It gets hard to decide which project to tackle next, but they are all fun and any one I work on is one more marked off the list of Unfinished Projects.

Supper was great and then I talked to Vickey a little.  I think all of us are just recovering from the very busy weekend at their house.  It was so good.

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