Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 24, 2015

A Saturated Saturday
October 24, 2015

Three White Ibises.  The one at the top is immature 
so he is more gray and brown than white.

Since Ron was out of town, I did not want to promise to pick Carmen up early for helping me at home, so I told Mom to tell her I would text her when I was ready to pick her up.  I slept until about 8:30 and then texted I would pick her up at 9:30.  It was raining when I picked her up and that was the weather for the day.  Raining.  Raining.  and Raining.
Two White Ibises. 
 It was raining pretty heavily when I was taking these photos.
When we got to my house I asked Carmen to do my sewing room first while I went to get groceries and the I could sew when I got home.  Silly me.  It was much later before I got to the sewing.  I left for the store in a steady rain and stopped to take photos of these white ibises in a resaca in the rain.  Maybe I should write a song. "Three white ibises, sitting in a tree.  Two white ibises, watching the other three.  One white ibis getting very wet.  Do you think that I could have one, for my own pet?"  Maybe I should stick to taking photos and not writing songs.
One White Ibis in the rain.  
This one is almost mature - just some brown on his head.
When I got home with the groceries, I had Carmen clean the shelves in the refrigerator before I put up the fresh groceries.  We both worked in the kitchen for a while and I kept going to the computer to check on the weather situation.

 A young (immature) White Ibis preening his feathers in the rain

I put several chicken breasts on to cook so I could later make King Ranch Chicken.  Soon the house was smelling great, laundry was done, and house was clean.  It is so great to have Carmen's help!
Heavy rains at home.  Winds had picked up and so did the rain.
After I took Carmen back to Mom's house, I drove past our office to be sure all was well.  It was fine.  Back at the house, I started sewing and then an hour or so later, took a break to get the chicken ready to store for tomorrow.  I returned to sewing and made some progress on the quilt.  As with most tropical weather patterns, it would rain hard for a while and then sprinkle before again raining heavily.  That is fine.  It allows accumulated water to drain off between heavy showers.
My backyard in the rain
There was nothing good on TV.  I usually watch while I sew.  I was checking the weather often and was up and down a lot from the sewing table.  Late in the afternoon, the rains picked up to a very heavy rain.  There were a couple of times it got very heavy and so about dark, when things started to clear out, I was debating driving to the office to check on it when I saw an email from Mom saying she and Jim had gone to check and all was well.  I really appreciated not having to drive down there to check.
Looking across the resaca.  Water almost
 to the walkway.  That is unusual.
 I read until late in the evening and just relaxed not having to do things for anyone except myself.  It was a good day.

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