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Novemer 21, 2014

Yes, You Broke Your Toe!
November 21, 2014

Boxes for Operation Christmas Child
My sciatic nerve gave me an almost sleepless night Thursday night.  It was a very painful night.  I had to wake Ron a couple of times to help me up.  There was no comfortable position and getting up out of a chair was excruciatingly painful.  I stopped the pain medication the Physician's Assistant had given me and switched to a Tylenol type product.  That did help.  Finally about 6:00 a.m. I took a hot shower and that helped some more.  By the time I left for my doctor's appointment at 10:00, I could walk and get in and out of chairs alone.

During those times, I identified so with my mother and her severe pain for her fractured vertebrae.  Mine is just the sciatic nerve, but that sends pain from the back to the hip, to the knee, and on down the leg.  My appointment this morning was a referral from the G.P. to the orthopedic surgeon about the toe I stubbed at Stephen's apartment about 5 weeks ago.  I know they really don't do anything for broken toes in most cases, so I just ignored it.  After 2 weeks the pain was worse, so I went to the G.P.  A week later they said the x-ray showed no break.

The pain in the toe was getting better, but it is still red, purple and swollen, so they gave me a referral to Dr. Olsen.  Then my left knee had been bothering me so Ron called Dr. Olsen's office a couple of days ago and asked if he could also look at that.  Next the sciatic nerve problem popped up.  So this morning I asked about all three.  He said, "Yes you have a broken toe."  He said it is still broken, but it is healing so to leave it alone.  He had checked the knee and said there was no fluid on it and then the x-ray showed no problem.  He thinks the knee pain is from the sciatic nerve.

He said he could order physical therapy for the back, or he could give me a stronger pain medication.  I asked if the one he gave me for the elbow was alright and he said that would be fine.  I said I would try it and if the problem continued I would let him know.  My appointment was for 10:15 and it was after 12:00 when I got out.  I had my book, so I was fine.  I knew it would take a while with x-rays being done and read. 

I decided to go on to the office and see if I was needed.  Our grandson was there and Ron wasn't feeling good so I stayed for 3 hours and then had a very bad headache which I realized on my way home, was due to not eating lunch.  I came home for a while and then went and did a little last minute shopping for the Operation Christmas Child boxes. 

When I got back, Ron was already in bed so I left for the church for the "Packing Party" to pack boxes for the Operation Christmas Child.  We had a nice group there and everyone worked on their own boxes and shared leftovers for boxes others were filling. 
We got a lot of boxes packed, a lot of visiting done, and a lot of cookies eaten.  One lady brought the  best chocolate cookies I have eaten!  I think maybe we should become good friends!  Many of the people pack their boxes at home and bring them to the church so there will be more added to those done at the Packing Party.

The photo of the babyabove was taken at the Packing Party.  She has become very special to my heart.  I do believe when we pray for someone often, we become bonded to them.  This precious little girl was a very premature baby last winter and I prayed for her often.  Now, each photo I see of her reminds me that she is a miracle, and so is her mother who had a rough time having her.  Precious family.

The little girl in the next photo is one of the daughters of our youth minister.  She helped me pack my boxes.  She opened packages and took things out of their packaging.  We had a good time working together. Sweet little girl!

By the time I got home I was too tired to finish this blog.  I did sleep well and that was great.

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