Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Back to the Office
November 10, 2014

The minister and Stephen during rehearsal
Last night on the trip home, I think the last couple of hours, it hit me that the celebrations are over.  It is time for me to get back to work in my office.  There are things to be done.  Planning for the Rehearsal Dinner and assorted other things related to the wedding had kept me very busy, but what next?  There is no doubt that there are always things to be done.  But the other things kept my mind in a creative mode. 
Our daughter-in-law Barb - the mother of 7 wonderful children - and she is still lovely!
Today, I didn't take any photos, so I will throw in a few more from the weekend.  Did I tell you I took almost 600 over the weekend?  So even if you think you are getting a lot, it is only a small portion of those I took.

Oldest granddaughter playing in the space ship.

I got up early and felt great.  I got ready, but then wrote the blog for last Friday, so I was later getting to the office than intended.  It was rather busy this morning, but slow this afternoon.

 Vickey knows how to keep the little boys quiet and out of trouble.

Ron had to run an errand so he was gone part of the afternoon.  I had several very nice customers today.  They were ones who said they came by the end of last week when we were closed to go to the wedding but when I told them why we had been closed, they were very kind and understanding and then wanted to talk about the wedding.

 At the office, I worked on the blog for Saturday and Sunday.  There was so much to say about the lovely wedding, that it was hard to know what to share.  Now if I finish this before I fall asleep, I will be caught up.

 After work, we went to supper with friends and then came home.  Ron has been asleep for a while already and was so tired.  He has had a bad headache today. 

For today, I think that about wraps up my activities.  We are thankful that we are all home safely.  Bob and Vickey took a little extra time.  Again, I must say:  It was a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing all about your weekend. Would have loved to be there with you! So thankful to God for bringing Kristina into Stephens life to give him the happiness he deserves.

    1. Thanks, Tiny. Thought of you several times and how I wished you were there. They do look happy, don't they! God is good.