Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11, 2014

Day of Mixed Activities
November 11, 2014

When I see this photo of my dad, I feel he is trying to memorize my brother's face so he can remember what he looks like, while he is off defending our country in WWII.

This is Veteran's Day and I would like to honor my father for his service to our country.  My dad spent time during WWII in Alaska and a couple of other spots serving our country, while leaving a wife and young baby son at home.  His dad served during WWI in France in the Ambulance Corps.  I am thankful for them and men like them who left those they love behind to go half way around the world to protect our country and also to fight for the rights of others.  Many other family members and friends have served to protect America.  Thank you to all of them.

It seems like so much has gone on for the last couple of months, and we felt we would be coming home from Dallas with time to put our feet up and relax a little.  Hasn't happened yet.  Maybe some day soon.

The last few days on my blog I have been sharing pictures and stories about our time in Dallas this past weekend for our youngest son's wedding.  So many of you have sent Facebook messages to say you have enjoyed seeing the photos.  In these days when the news on the radio or television isn't always good, it has been fun to share great news of Stephen's and Kristina's love for each other and for the Lord.  They had a wedding that was both sacred and fun.  The happiness on their faces was contagious.  Watching the grandchildren enjoy the festivities was fun, too.  It was wonderful family time.

My day was busy at the office.  We went out of town shortly after the first of the month and I have mentioned before that the first part of the month is when I am most busy at the office.  Just before we left, Ron's printer for his computer went out.  He could not get it to print.  Now, mine is in the same condition!  How can 2 printers a year apart in age, go out within a few days of each other?  They are the same brand and same model, but mine is 4 years old (with a 3 year warranty) and his is 3 years old (with a 2 year warranty) - of course!  Don't know why he only bought a 2 year warranty.  I need the printer to do a lot of the report things to send to the accountant as well as assorted other chores at the office.  We have another one of the same brand here at the house that we will take to the office tomorrow to see if it will work - only difference is this one is wireless and gave us problems at the house.  I may have to go buy a printer tomorrow.

I did balance the office checkbook and sorted all of the credit card charge slips from when our customers use their credit cards to purchase items from us.  I need to do some more end of the month things as soon as I can get a printer working.  So strange!

The air conditioner in my car has gone out.  It was worked on just recently and they were hoping the work would keep us from having to replace the a/c, but it looks like we will have to do that.  A cool front is blowing in this evening so I will be OK for a few days, but today was very warm and I don't like being without a working a/c.

Late last night I started doing the laundry from the trip and from the rehearsal dinner.  I have table cloths and napkins to do as well as the sheets I put under the castle and the space ship while the kids worked.  I have our laundry to do also.  I did get most of the napkins washed last night and I am very pleased with the way they came out of the wash.  We ate lasagna at the meal, so there were lasagna spots on many of the napkins that had set for a few days.  Everyone of them came out perfectly clean.  There are a few more in the washer right now along with a couple of the table cloths.  The rest of the table cloths are in the dryer.  Some of the boxes of decorations are unpacked, but others aren't.  Also I need to decide how to store all of the decorations.

This afternoon I went to the doctor again about my foot.  They gave me a referral to the orthopedic surgeon who took care of my elbow.  They don't think anything is broken so they don't think I need any surgery, but maybe a protective shoe for a while.  They were going to refer me to someone else but I asked if it could be taken care of by my previous surgeon.  I now have an appointment in 10 days with Dr. Olsen.  I will either be healed by then or worse!  10 days!  This happened 4 weeks ago. 

The pain medication has worked very well to control the pain, but I can tell when it is time for more.  It is not healing it, it is taking away the pain.

From there, I came to the house and got my laptop computer and went to Ron's mom's house for supper and to show her the photos from the wedding.  She was delighted to see them and to feel she had almost been there.  Her health makes it too hard for her to travel.  She loves Stephen so much and would love to have been there, but just could not wisely make the trip.  She loved seeing the happy couple and the photos of all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren, too.  We had a good visit.

Then I hurried home in case any of the quilt group showed up, but none did (we had planned to meet tonight but I had not been in touch with any of them except one and today was her 50th wedding anniversary so she wasn't coming).  Soon we will get back on track. Since none of the quilters came, I took a hot relaxing bath and then unpacked some of the boxes of decorations and did laundry.  One of my suitcases is unpacked and the other is almost done.

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