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November 7, 2014

Wedding Rehearsal Day 
November 7, 2014

Ron and I were up early to go to the hotel breakfast.  They had a nice variety of hot and cold foods and a pretty setting overlooking the pool.  It was a gorgeous day!  The air was crystal clear and the sky could not have been prettier.
Our hotel on a clear, crisp, beautiful Friday morning
Stephen slept a little late which was good because he was exhausted.  Bob and Vickey also slept a little late.  Most of the things I needed for decorating the place for the rehearsal dinner were still in the car.  I just had a few things to gather.  Stephen had a variety of errands to run.  Bob and David had to pick up their tuxedos.  Vickey joined us a little later to work on decorations.
The room before we started to decorate
The Rehearsal Dinner was at Whole Foods Market.  That may seem a little strange, but it turned out to be a wonderful spot for the event.  Stephen had encountered difficulties in finding a place available and within our budget.  This particular Whole Foods Market is not too far from the church where the rehearsal and wedding would take place.  It is also where Kristina does most of her shopping.  They have several eating and meeting areas upstairs from the market.  We had a large room, an outside deck and a room next door for the children to enjoy activities during the evening.
 Linda Reed ironed table cloths.
Our wonderful, gracious, helpful friends John and Linda Reed drove up early Friday morning from Houston to spend the day helping us decorate.  What a helpful pair they are in our lives!  They love Stephen and would adopt him if we let them.   
John helped Ron hang curtains, set up decorations on the deck, 
and anything else I could find for him to do.
Vickey worked hard all day.  
Here, she and Bob are working on a banner she made.

David did a great job on any project I asked him to do; 
he was always smiling as he worked hard.
The restaurant had huge Formica cutouts to indicate the men's and women's restrooms and David fixed the decorations for them.

The restaurant staff could not have been nicer.  They helped in any way they could, moving and removing furniture, trying to accommodate any need we had.  The chef came up several times during the day to check on our needs.

After decorating
Children's table
Serving table

David and Bob had constructed the items for the children's activities which were in the next room.
Bob claimed the Spaceship as his project.
David constructed the castle.
The children had so much fun!  They really didn't want to take time to eat.  This sweet little girl is the daughter of the minister who performed the ceremony and she asked me, "WHERE did you get these!"  She thought they were super!

The dinner was relaxing and delicious.  We had asked guests to surprise Kristina and Stephen with Christmas ornaments to use on their first Christmas tree together.  All of the ornaments were unique and beautiful.  I would love to see their tree this year (and every year).

Thanks to all who helped make the event special.

Many of the family and even guests helped clean up, pack up, and load up all the decorations following the party.  The staff member who served and helped all evening was astounded at how clean the place was left and she said it was the nicest group she had ever worked with.  She was so very helpful and kind in all that she did for us.  She said when the cleaning crew would arrive later they would wonder why they were there since there was nothing left for them to do.  I told her that most of us grew up helping at church dinners and know how to clean up and share the work.  Again, thanks to all who worked so hard.

Here are just a few photos from the rehearsal:

It was late when we returned to the hotel, but everyone had enjoyed the day working together and the evening events.  It was another midnight going to bed day.

Stephen wanted Som'ores for dessert.  

We also had cannoli, mini cheesecakes, and assorted cookies.

Hearing throughout the day varied.  I actually did fairly well at the restaurant - maybe because there was not a huge crowd.  The rehearsal was harder for me to hear instructions.  Everyone did a lot of repeating.  Sometimes, I just could not figure out what was being said, but I heard a lot, and I am thankful daily for the things I can hear and constantly remind myself that were it not for the Cochlear Implant, I would be totally deaf.  

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