Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 5, 2014

Mom is Out and About!
November 5, 2014

The great news is that Mom is now out of the rehab/skilled nursing facility and at my sister's home.  She is delighted to be in the lovely, quiet setting that my sister has where she can watch the birds and the squirrels and nap when she wants.  She continues to have small problems from all the antibiotics, but she went out today for BBQ and found a small medical clinic that would see her when needed while in that area.  Praising God that she is on the mend.  The x-rays they did of her back showed that all is well.  We are looking forward to her being at the wedding this weekend.

I spent the entire day at home.  I did not leave the house except to feed the birds and fill the ponds and birdbaths this morning.  I spent the day baking, cleaning the kitchen, and getting things ready for the rehearsal dinner.  Ron closed the office around noon and ran errands for his mother and got home mid-afternoon.

This evening Ron changed the tiny filters on the microphones on my sound processors.  They do work better when that is done often.  Here is a photo of how I have come to set up my charging station when we have to travel.  It is so hard to keep everything charged: phones, Kindles, batteries for the Cochlear sound processors, and the drying unit for the sound processors has to be plugged in.  Then there is the remote for the sound processor.  It only needs to be plugged in about once a week.  It takes several plugs and I want everything together so I don't lose anything or forget something.  Here it is all set up on my kitchen counter.
We have started leaving a multi-plug extension cord in the Cochlear bag.  Many motels don't have enough plugs for today's travelers.

It will be so great to see all our boys this weekend at the wedding.  We have been blessed to have several family gatherings this year.

Over the next few days my postings may be few and far between, but you will get to hear all the news about the wedding and the weekend when it is all over, if not before.  We are so thankful our youngest son has found the young lady God has chosen for him.  They are such a sweet couple.  I will take lots of photos.  I will post when I can.

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