Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 23, 2014

Another Quiet Day
November 23, 2014

Foggy start to the day - there is a house across the water
Last night I slept well for the first 5 hours, but then woke up very stiff and sore with the sciatic nerve acting up again.  A little before 6:00 I gave up and got up.  My back was bad for the first several hours but then loosened up, thankfully!  During the morning I read, did a little cleaning, and then went outside.

Ron and I had both decided we would not try to go to church today.  He was too sick and I was too sore.  He didn't get up until about noon and gradually began to feel better but his throat is still very sore.  I spent time working in the yard - just minor things: feeders,  ponds, etc.  Then I took the camera out and got a few photos.  The morning had started off very foggy.  Foggy mornings make for great spider web photos.  By 10:00 the fog had burned off and the birds came out.

The sparrows were at the feeders but the windows were too dirty to take good photos through so I cleaned the windows in the sewing room.  All day I had a very bad headache which is probably a part of the virus we have been sharing. 
Every time the wind blows there are broken limbs to haul and today was no exception.  We had a storm that came through last night  but did very little.  It rained a little and must have blown a little since I had limbs to gather.
The entire yard is covered with the tiny leaves from the Mimosa trees and the Royal Poinciana tree.  Here, they are scattered on my Boston fern.

Speaking of fern, this fern was blooming when I was out this morning.  I transplanted it from my Grandmother's house (my Mom's mom) when we moved into this house almost 40 years ago.  I have very rarely seen it bloom.
The frequent rains we have had since September have left things green and lush.  This small palm tree is hidden away in a back corner of the yard and this year is looking good.

The dew was heavy on the clover plants today.  They keep coming up in my hanging baskets and are thriving this year.
Neither Ron nor I was very hungry but late this afternoon I baked some potatoes and then he said he didn't think he would try one.  His stomach is still very upset.  Mine is upset a little, but not much - for me it is the headache.
Mid-afternoon, the Green Jays were in and out of the yard.  I had put out some new feed with a lot of nuts in it and they were pleased.
There have been three of them here off and on the last couple of days.  I love the coloring on these beautiful birds.
On the news this morning I heard there was an earthquake (a 3.3) near Irving, TX, up in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area.  I texted my sister to see if she had felt it.  She said no, but a friend of hers in Dallas had.  I texted to ask Stephen and he said they didn't, but Kristina's mother and step dad woke to the sound of things rattling on the shelves and her step dad's son felt it.  Strange!  Rare in Texas.
Late this afternoon I went back outside with my camera.  It was a beautiful day after last night's rain.  Out on the resaca I spotted a couple of Pied-Billed Grebes. 
This afternoon I have sewed some on a project my grandson asked me to help on months ago.  Several of the boys in his Boy Scout Troop needed some loops to be worn on the epaulets of their uniforms.  The red loops are no longer available and he needed some and I promised to make them.  One thing after another has come up, but they are finally almost all done.  Better late than never?
This evening's sunset being reflected in the very still resaca.  
It doesn't seem like Sunday when we miss church, but hopefully we will quickly be back in the swing of things.  We both hated to miss today.

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  1. Did not know Boston ferns ever had blossoms. Beautiful! Praying for you and Ron to feel better tomorrow. You reminded me...I have a Webelo patch to sew on. Drake advanced last week.