Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

 Conversation With a Customer
November 17, 2014

Today was one of those days when I gave away another of the scripture cups.  Today's cup went to a nice young man who is a house painter and works with his father.  In our extended conversation, he told me his age and it turned out he is the age of our son who married last week.  I asked if he was married and he said that he didn't think he would get married.  The more we talked, I found out he believes in God, knows a lot about God, attends a Spanish-speaking church, and wants to serve the Lord.  He has a family of parents, and siblings that it was obvious he loves from how he would talk about them.  But for some reason he had come to think that maybe there was not someone for him.  His church has no young single women his age. 

We probably talked for 30 minutes and I gave him one of the cups Ron and I keep to pass out to people when we feel led to do so.  I told him that God has plans for his life and that he should not decide that something was impossible if God had not told him it was impossible.  I asked him to keep seeking God's plan and that it may just include a wife so he can be as happy with a family as his parents have been with their family. 

We discussed a lot of things and probably went from Genesis to Revelation in our discussion.  There was so much we agreed about.  God does have a plan for our lives and His plan is for good and not for evil.  Sometimes we can't see what that plan is or how it can be for good, but God sees the whole picture and knows.  I pray that this young man will seek God's plan and not his own along the way. 

Again, I was glad to be able to hear and to carry on a normal conversation.  The only interruptions were phone calls the man kept getting but he indicated he wanted to continue the conversation each time.  I was obviously old enough to be his mom, since he was the age of our youngest son.

Ron was out all afternoon and I spent much of the day working on the piles on my desk.  I made a lot of progress but have not finished.  My trash can is getting full.  There were a good many customers in and out today, considering it was a chilly day.  It did warm up this afternoon, but the morning was nippy.

Since Ron was out, I had to lock up and then I went by Mom's house and to the post office and then stopped at three stores to do a little Christmas shopping.  I need to finish my Operation Christmas Child boxes this week and needed a few more items. 
In the past I have not done these because our Sunday School class fills small bags with toys, candy, and fruit for about 300 children across the river in Matamoros, but I decided this year to do a few for Operation Christmas Child.  I have been collecting things all year, but still am looking for a couple of things.  It has gotten me to focus on the holidays which are just around the corner: Christmas and Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for in America.  We may not always like the way things happen in our country, but it is still a fantastic place to live!

This morning at the office I printed out a few more wedding photos and mailed some to family.  I need to get some more in the mail tomorrow.  I got the bags ordered for our class to fill for the children across the river in Mexico.  Our class has been doing this project in one form or another for probably about 20 years and it is the highlight of the year for us.


  1. Oh, how I miss those shopping trips with Barbara and the parties to get the gifts ready. Do they still have to be sneaked over the bridge and hidden?

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    2. We just do clear cellophane bags ( with printed with Christmas theme pictures) with small gifts, candy, and usually an apple. They are put in trays out in the open and clear so they can see what is in them. This is all Connie feels she can cross alone. No gift wrapping like in the past, just fill the bags and staple them shut.