Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 16, 2014

Foggy Start to Our Sunday
November 16, 2014

This morning when I opened the curtains in the sewing room, it was a foggy world out my windows.  There was not enough fog to make it hazardous but it was fairly thick.  It burned off by the time we went to church and the clouds hung around a while.  Mid-afternoon it was beautiful and very warm.  Another cold front is due in before midnight with high winds.  Ron said he got up in the middle of the night when the last cold front blew in, thinking someone was trying to break in, but it was the wind rattling the front door.  We lost several limbs to the last storm and probably will lose more tonight.  The limbs are from the Mimosa trees which are very brittle.

Attendance was down a little at Sunday School and church today.  We had a great class, but several were out.  Several were eager to see photos from Stephen and Kristina's wedding and another lady in the class had news of her daughter's wedding this past week. 

The church service was good and the preacher tackled some difficult subjects today.  I think for too long some pastors have avoided the difficult subjects and am glad to see our pastor willing to take on the hard ones.  I must admit I was a little distracted during the early part of the service.  Our youngest grandson's Sunday School teacher brought him to me before the service started saying he was not feeling well.  He did not have fever, but you could tell the usual smile was missing.  His mom was late getting into the service and I had gone to see where she was.  I met her just coming into the worship service and let her know what was going on.

Then she said that our son was leaving to go to a conference and all the kids wanted to talk to him.  The sick on did not want his dad to not be with him in church.  That little guy ended up staying in the vestibule with Grandpa during the service.  Two of the other children were with me and later their Mom and one of the older brothers joined us.

Our son's family was planning to come to lunch, so they still joined us, minus Dad.  The sick one and the baby didn't eat.  I think the baby (almost 3 yrs. old) is coming down with whatever her brother has - my guess is a very mild virus.  The rest of us enjoyed the best ham I have cooked in a long time.  I had gotten up very early to put it in the oven.  It was so tender and tasty.  We had sweet potatoes and broccoli and French bread and sliced apples.  Yummy!
The youngest of the girls had put her mom's long socks and boots on and 
was taking them off so her mom could put them on to go home.
 The little one ended up playing in the bathtub for a long time while the others played.  Some played with Legos, the older girls sewed, and the oldest grandson stayed at the table and visited with the adults.  They stayed until 4:00 and it was a delightful afternoon.  Our son and his wife have always been so good about having the children pick up all the toys before they go home.  That is so much help to me and frees me to allow them to get out as many as they want - as long as they pick them up.

Pick up time!
In church this morning, I had just hooked up the cable from my sound processor to the transistor radio that transmits the service, when I had to find my daughter-in-law.  I disconnected it from the sound processor to talk to her because it cuts out all other sounds except what comes through the speaker system, when I have it on.  Then the next 15 minutes it seemed I was taking it off and putting it on.  I finally discovered that if I just unplugged the cable from the radio, I could hear.  Duh...  I should have tried that sooner.  Chatter at the table continues to be overwhelming at times.  I need to experiment more with different settings for the sound processor, in noisy situations.

My toe that I stubbed or hit a month ago is still red and sore.  I have an appointment with my orthopedic doctor Friday about it and the knee on the other leg is bothering me so I hope he can look at that.  Some days I feel like I am slowly falling apart and others times think it is not even slowly!  None of the problems are major, but are nagging and uncomfortable.

After everyone left, Ron had a couple of errands to run and I feel asleep reading in my recliner.  I slept too long - till almost 8:00.  Now I may not be able to get to sleep tonight.

I spent a little time working on a couple of boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  I have a nice variety of items to go in the boxes, but need to pick up a few more things.  I hope to do that in the morning on the way to the office.  The boxes have to be in by Friday.  They are having a packing party Friday night at the church, but I don't plan to go to that; I just need to finish the boxes and get them to the church this week.

 Lately, I really am staying confused on the dates.  I can't believe we are over half way through the month of November and I have barely started Christmas shopping (except for the Operation Christmas Child boxes).  There are several family birthdays between now and Christmas, too.  I need to get busy.

We did talk to our newly wed son for a bit this evening.  He had a mechanical question for his dad.  They had gone to a new Sunday School class this morning, one for couples in their first year of marriage.  It is amazing the things that can be offered in a large church.  I know they will miss the bunch they were with in the singles' class, but maybe some of them will be joining the married class before their year is out. Later I had a text from him saying it is snowing lightly in Dallas tonight!

A friend reminded me it was time for an update on my mom.  To start with, it is snowing where she is!  She loves snow - when she can look at it through a window from a warm room.  She is free of infection and is trying to rebuild strength, but it is very slow going.  She has gotten out several times this past week with my sister and her husband, to eat out or do a short errand.  The back pain is a little worse than it had been , but now overwhelming.  She continues to learn what her limitations are and as with most of us, we don't like limitations. 

Most of us hate to ask other people to do things for us, but thankfully, this is temporary while she continues to recover.  Sometimes this seems to have been going on for so long and then I look at a calendar and see it is only 2 months.  For someone 91 years old, she is coming along very well.  She doesn't always feel like she is making progress, but besides the fracture in the vertebrae and rib, there was pneumonia, two procedures on the back, the serious infection in the nursing facility and the severe pain with the back, which just drained all her strength. 

Please continue praying for Mom as she works to rebuild strength.  She has always been so healthy and so giving to others, that it is hard for her to be hurting and to be on the receiving end instead of the giving.  I remember reading that if we don't allow others to give to us, we deprive them of the blessing of giving and helping.  So pray that she will set all worries aside and just concentrate of enjoying time at my sister's lovely home and time getting stronger.

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