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November 9, 2014

Time to Return Home
November 9, 2014

At one point recently, Stephen mentioned how much he appreciated how often we had come to Dallas this year.  We enjoyed each visit.  It is a LONG way from our home to his home. We would enjoy seeing all of our boys and their wives more often.
Kristina's mom's wedding last winter
 We had a convention in Dallas in late winter and we were able to combine that trip with attending a wedding.

Then we went for his graduation in the late spring when he received his Master of Divinity degree from Criswell College.  I went when Mom was first in the hospital in that area in late September.
Ron and I went in mid-October for two bridal showers and I stayed for several more days.  The most recent trip was this weekend for his and Kristina's wedding.  We also saw them in mid-July when all the family gathered in the Austin area for a few days.

Saturday, Stephen and Kristina were in the background with the photographer.  Jeff and Barbara, Bob and Vickey, and Ron and I, as couples, scattered out across the lawn for a group photo.  We are so sorry Diana couldn't be there, too, but she had some school responsibilities that kept her away.  We all want our relationships to stay strong.  That can be hard when you are pulled in too many directions.  We try to remember what the important directions are: the Lord, our spouse, and our children.

It has been a bonus that on the trip for graduation and the trip in mid-July, David, and Bob and Vickey were there also.  Everyone in the family was together in mid-July.  Sadly only Dave from his family was able to be away to attend the wedding.  It is hard to get away for family events; to find a time when everyone can be there.  We are so thankful that our children want to be with us and with each other for special events.

The trip to Dallas, doesn't get shorter.  The time is slightly shorter due to the increased speed limits, but it is still a very long drive.  Ron did all the driving, but he is exhausted.

Sunday morning, we got up about 7:00.  Ron and I went to breakfast in the dining room.  Bob joined us before we finished while Vickey slept a while longer.  Jeff's family was getting a slow start.  I know they were exhausted, too.  Some of their children came to our room and ended up helping carry things to the car for Ron.  That really helped.

We left about 11:00 and again, it was a magnificent day.  Over and over I couldn't help commenting on how beautiful the day was.  The sky was perfectly clear and the air was just slightly cool.

We stopped at Pok-e-Joe for lunch about 2:30 and then headed on home.  We made several stops.  One stop I made Ron pull over so I could get a sunset photo of a horse silhouetted against the horizon.  It was a very "sway-backed" horse, but still looked nice in that setting.
 It was good to be home!  We totally enjoyed the weekend.  I am so thankful that all went well.  I think we are ready to relax just a little.

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