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November 26, 2014

Pumpkin Pie Practice
November 26, 2014

For many years our church has had a Thanksgiving Eve Service and then a fellowship afterwards.  Originally they served donut holes and spiced tea.  This time it was pumpkin pie or other pies.  Our youngest granddaughter will be three this week and so she needed some practice eating pumpkin pie.  She did very well at it.  I fed her since we were sitting on a couch with no table for her pie.  She ate every last crumb, pointing out to me at one point that I was leaving some of her crust and she wanted it.
My morning got off to a slow start.  Ron had left me sleeping and it was 8:30 before I woke up.  It did feel good to sleep late.  Once I got the the office, the morning was a little busy but the afternoon was very slow.  I think everyone was at the grocery store.  I found them there later when I joined the throngs at H.E.B.

During the day I had been trying to think of how I was going to get a pie made for the fellowship at the church.  They had only sent out an announcement about the pies Tuesday evening.  Did you know that Pizza Hut makes an amazing pizza shaped Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie?  I got one of those to take for those who didn't care for pumpkin.  It was gone in a hurry! 

I left the office a little early to stop at the grocery store (H.E.B.) to get a couple of items and the crowds were huge, but thankfully almost all of the checkout lanes were open.  I took my purchases home and put them away.

Our daughter-in-law had texted to see if we wanted to join them for supper at Luby's before the service at the church.  I did and it was fun.  Ron decided to go home and go to bed.  We had to hurry, but it is always a treat to get to eat with those 7 grandchildren (and their parents).  Jeff arrived in time to eat what Barb had ordered for him.  Then we went to the church. 

The listening set up that I use in church is in a bag I carry on Sundays.  I forgot to get it to take with me to church for the Thanksgiving Service.  I could not understand any of the music or message.  I think we were supposed to write a note (they had given us slips of paper) to God thanking Him.  I could not tell what they notes were to be about so I did not participate.  Those kinds of things are frustrating.  I did entertain our youngest granddaughter who is not used to sitting through a service.

After the service I was visiting with friends and a nose bleed started.  I had to give up and go get it stopped.  Again it was frustrating.  On the very bright side, I got to meet the cute little grand baby of our music director and his wife.  She is a precious little one and I know I will enjoy hearing about her as she grows up.  She is the perfect baby for this couple.  She loves the outdoors and they will spend lots of time in open spaces.  She is a blessing to them.  Her Aunt Heather bounced her to sleep as we all stood around admiring her.
At that point it dawned on me that our grand baby had not had pie.  She and I went to the pie table and I got her a plate with two tiny pieces and applied a liberal amount of whipped cream and she ate every bite!

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