Friday, November 21, 2014

November 20, 2014

Good News From the Computer Technician
November 20, 2014

First I want to wish a Happy 10th Anniversary to our son David and his wife.  This year has some milestone wedding and anniversary events.  This past New Year's Eve our son Jeff and his wife celebrated 20 years of marriage and in August, Bob and his wife did the same, marking 20 years.  Less than 2 weeks ago our youngest son, Stephen got married.  This next June Ron and I will celebrate 50 years.
Happy Anniversary, David and Diana!
This morning I went to the office about 9:00 which is earlier than I have been going recently.  I thought the computer technician was coming this morning.  It turned out he came about 2:00.  The really good news is that it was a quick fix!  Yea!  He said Micro Soft had changed something in Excel and had inadvertently messed up something in Quick Books and had been swamped the last week or so with problems from Quick Books users.  Thankfully this tech had already dealt with the problem with several other customers and now knew what to do. 

During the morning I worked on paying some bills, doing filing, preparing some outgoing mail and later taking it to the post office.  Ron was out much of the day and I had a number of customers to wait on.  It rained lightly off and on during the day, but always light brief showers.  Late in the afternoon I prepared a bank deposit and at the end of the day, took the deposit to the bank.

Small parrot officially known as a Green Parakeet
About 10-15 years ago we had flocks of these Green Parakeets flying around town and they were spending the nights in some palm trees near the former building from First Baptist Church on E. Elizabeth Street.  The last few years they were not spending the nights there.  I would see small flocks of them around town, but not the numbers from years past.  This year, there are huge flocks of them.  This afternoon on the way to the bank I spotted several flocks and watched where they were landing.

After leaving the bank, I went to look for the Green Parakeets.  They were not where I had seen them land, but they are noisy little birds, so I rolled down my windows and drove in that area and heard, and spotted probably a couple of hundred one block from the old First Baptist Church building.  If you are familiar with town from years back, they were in the palm trees around the old Police Station building.  It was getting late and very overcast so the light wasn't good, but I will be back on a sunny day.  Did you notice that I found them by hearing them?
These birds are so much fun to watch.  They are very affectionate with their mate and seem to enjoy just flying around town in flocks of 15-20.  We have seen them swoop down and fly circles around a car.  They seem to enjoy a variety of antics and I love watching them. 

From there, I went by Mom's and stopped to take a few photos of the Roseate Spoonbills in a resaca near her house.  This is were a large bunch hung out last winter.  I spotted 5 or 6, but again it was cloudy and getting dark so the photos aren't great.
Next was a quick stop at the post office and then to get gas and head home.  On the way home, I talked to our son David.  By the time I got home the back pain was terrible.  The pain medication I took when I got home seemed to do no good all evening and Ron had to help me out of my chair a couple of times.  I am thankful I have an appointment Friday with my orthopedic doctor.

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