Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Just Five More Days!
November 3, 2014


Our youngest son is getting married in five days!  He is not marrying young like his dad and I did.  He took his time and finished a lot of schooling, and waited for just the right young lady.  We continue to prepare things and gather the things we are taking.  So many things to do. 

With the time change, I woke up ahead of my alarm clock this morning.  I read for a while before I got up.  Then I worked on a few things before starting to get ready to go to the office.  When it was time for me to leave for work, I got so sleepy.  I just wish they would leave our clocks alone!  Both time changes are hard on us.  It was getting dark when I came home today.  I don't like that!

At the office, it was time to do all those "end of the month" and "beginning of the month" things that I have to take care of each month.  I kept busy most of the day on those chores.  I waited on a few customers, made a bank deposit and took it to the bank about 1:00.  The clocks at the office haven't gotten changed and it has been confusing, but I can't find the step ladder to use to change them. 

After I finished at the bank, I went to a craft store and got some things to decorate the tables for the children at the Rehearsal Dinner.  This evening I gathered all the things I have to keep the children entertained and happy during the dinner.  I think they are going to enjoy my plans.

Once I returned to the office I printed out the customer statements and had them in the outgoing mail by the end of the day.  Also, I spent time working on the quantities of food we need to order for the Rehearsal Dinner.  Stephen is to place the order with them tomorrow.  I think he had one of those days like I did last week where he spent the day "putting out fires".  The bakery preparing the groom's cake for the wedding reception, called and didn't have a record of me having paid for the cake.  Stephen and I did that while I was at his place recently.  I forwarded the emails they sent me as receipts at the time and they said, OK, they messed up.  But all those things take time.

Mom continues to get better each day.  She is eager to get out of the rehab/skilled nursing facility this week.  Their hair salon has agreed to do her hair Friday for the wedding.  That is so helpful because she is to be careful with things like washing her hair - not bending over the kitchen sink or things like that, so it is nice she can get it done there where they know how to meet the needs.

When I left the office, I went by Mom's and watered plants and got her some warmer clothes.  It is getting chilly up there.  Ron spent all evening working on the project he has been doing for some of the decorations for the rehearsal dinner.  I helped for about an hour and also worked a little in the backyard, filling the ponds, etc.  Then I came in the house and packed some of the boxes of things we need to take.

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