Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2, 2014

Watching A Wilson's Warbler or
A Wilson's Warbler Watching Me
November 2, 2014

If you have been reading my blog for very long, you know that I love watching and photographing birds.  I really enjoy the warblers, but they are very challenging to photograph.  They are small (the Wilson's Warbler is 4 3/4" long) and very quick.  They usually enjoy trees with a lot of leaves and hop from branch to branch just about the time I locate them and start to focus on them.

For several years we have had some Wilson's Warblers that seem to spend most of the winter in our backyard.  Today late in the afternoon I watched two of them, on one of the waterfalls.  All of the photos of a Wilson's Warbler in today's blog are of the same bird.  What I find fascinating is that in every photo, he has his eye on the camera.  He knows at all times where I am and what I am doing.  I was behind a black cloth that I hung in the window with only the camera lens poking out.  He knew where it was at all times.

That was a lot of bird chatter going on in the yard earlier in the afternoon ,but as soon as I got the camera out, most of them flew away.  I had to wait about 20 minutes before they returned.  Most of the birds in the yard today were sparrows, but there were a few warblers.

It was nice this morning to have an extra hour, but for once, I was awake way before my alarm and decided to go ahead and get up.  We had a good bunch in Sunday School today including one of our men who has been out for several months.  It was great to see him feeling well enough to be back in class.  It was a good lesson and a good time to be together.

The worship service was good and the pastor worked on finishing the sermon he started last week.  He skipped a portion and will cover it next week.  Some friends who had been traveling for the last 3 months were back today and it was good to have them back.  They had boxes for those who want to fill shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  It is time to fill those boxes for delivery all over the world to children who have great needs.

After lunch we went with our son's family to a fast food restaurant where we have gone often lately for Sunday lunch.  It is not too busy on Sundays and we have enjoyed sitting around the table visiting and having lunch.  There just has not been time for me to cook Sunday lunches lately.
Doesn't every little girl carry a pair of funny glasses in her Sunday purse?
Watching the grandchildren is always a delight.  The youngest has become so entertaining.  She acts out a script only she knows and fills it with songs, actions, drama, and some directing.  She is quietly in her own little world.  

After lunch we came home and I soaked my sore foot for a while and then did a little work on packing.  Ron had to go by his Mom's house and then to a meeting so I  caught up on some emails and paperwork.

As for my hearing, I had remembered my radio for church this morning, but forgot the cord to attach it to my Cochlear Sound Processor, so I could hear little of the service.  I had used the chord while on the phone, sitting at the computer recently and had left it there instead of returning it to my purse.  It just seems like I am going to have a check list to go anywhere.

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