Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 31, 2016

Lots of Visiting Family
January 31, 2016

Ron (on couch), his brother and brother's wife

It is not real common for us to have a lot of visiting family.  Usually only one or two come at a time and if it is siblings of Ron or mine they normally stay at the our moms' houses.  This weekend, my brother and his wife are at Mom's house for a few days.  Ron's sister has been at Ron's mom's house all month.  Ron's brother and his wife arrived last night and stayed with us.  They thought his sister was staying for another day or two, so they were going to stay with us until there was more room at their mom's house.  Then plans changed and his sister went home today.  So they were only with us one night.

We were all up early this morning even after our late night visiting.  Everyone made it to Sunday School from our house on time.  Then my brother, his wife and Mom joined us for church.  A couple of people were confused when I introduced my brother and his wife and Ron's brother and his wife (Ron was out in the foyer).

After church we went to Ron's mom's house so we could get instructions from Ron's sister before she left.  She had left by the time we got there, but she gave information to Ron's brother.  We are thankful for siblings who will come and help out with the needs that our mothers have.  Since Ron and I both still work, our time is limited.  We can usually rearrange our schedules to meet their needs, but it helps when the others are here to share the responsibilities.

We went to Luby's for a late lunch and picked up lunch for Ron's mom.  She doesn't like to go out - too much effort.  Ron's brother came over after lunch and got their things so they could move over to the mom's house.  I spent the afternoon napping and reading.  Ron was at his mom's for a while and then at the church.

In church this morning, the transmission on the radio at church had a lot of static and even though I was hooked up to my radio, the static made it too difficult to hear.  So I unplugged the radio from the Cochlear sound processor and just listened.  I did pretty well.  They have just recently worked on the sound system and some things are better while others are worse.  Hope they get all the bugs out of it soon.

It was nice to relax this afternoon and evening.  I finished a book I had been reading and just relaxed in the recliner.

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