Friday, January 29, 2016

January 29, 2016

Yes, I am Glad it is Friday!
January 29, 2016

I continue working on blocks for this quilt; 
even have a few more blocks made since photo was taken.
This morning before going to the office, I did a little cleaning in the kitchen.  There is always more to do, but every little bit helps.  I gathered things for my lunch and got to the office about the same time as usual.  I started working on some items on the computer.  Ron was working on a safe he is refinishing and it is looking very nice.  The morning was very busy with customers.  Ron and I both kept busy helping them.

Later I had my lunch and then Ron left on a job.  While he was gone I continued to stay busy and was just ready to start sewing when he got back.  Instead, I returned to waiting on customers so he could get some things done in his office.  One of the customers stayed to visit for a long time.  He got to telling me about his childhood in a little town just north of Brownsville.  It was another of those conversations I was thankful I could have.

Late in the afternoon, I started sewing and got 9 of the blocks made for the quilt in progress.  I am enjoying the bright colors in it and the contrast of those against the white background make for a bold quilt.  This evening I have made a few more.

After work I picked up Mom and we went to Jason's Deli for supper.  We arrived at the same time Ron did.  Supper was good.  The mini mic worked well.  I was able to hear most of what Mom said.  The evening was relaxing and enjoyable.  I took Mom home after supper and once I got home, I spent a little time sewing.

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