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December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve
December 31, 2015

Texas Roadhouse 
With three little peanut eaters

The holidays had been so jam packed with fun, family, food, and friends, that I had really had very little time with the grandchildren.  The two oldest girls had been wanting to start sewing on the quilt kits I had bought for them last summer.  I decided that the long New Year's weekend would be a great time to get started, so I had texted their mother to see if I could have the girls for a couple of days.

Jeff and Barbara were married on New Year's Eve 22 years ago.  They have found it hard to really celebrate on New Year's Eve since it is often a time of alcohol related celebrations which they don't do, so they seem to end up staying at home many anniversaries. 
Two silly big girls
We decided to meet in Harlingen at Texas Roadhouse Steak House for an early supper on their anniversary and we would bring the girls home with us and they would be able to pick up their boys who would be returning from Winter Scout Camp. 
Sewing gets underway
It was a cold, drizzly night and we had a long wait for a table, but we were able to do a lot of visiting in the waiting area.  Dinner was delicious.  My steak was super and everyone had a good time as we ate and visited.  Timing worked out just right even with our one hour wait for a table and 1/2 hour wait for food, the scouts arrived just as we finished supper (they had eaten on the road).

During supper at the very noisy restaurant, I used the new Cochlear Wireless Microphone and found it to be a tremendous help in talking to our daughter-in-law during supper.

Jeff's family headed home minus the two girls coming home with us.  When we got home, the girls were ready to start sewing.  I showed them a video on Facebook that I had seen which showed how to decorate note cards with cutout fabric pieces.  They got excited and started making some.

It was late when they went to sleep, which allowed for a late start to a new year the next morning.

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