Monday, January 4, 2016

January 1 & 2, 2016

Special Times With A 
Couple of Granddaughters
January 1, & 2, 2016

One of the two quilts in progress

Jeff and Barbara's two oldest girls are a joy to have as house guests.  They have been taught to answer "Yes, Ma'm," "Please," "Thank you, Grandma", etc.  Their parents have taught them respect for their elders.  Of course when they keep thinking they need to help me up out of a chair, I really feel old.  Usually they share sleeping on the couch.  They finally had to admit that they have outgrown being able to do that.  One is a still sleeper and the other tosses and turns all night.  The oldest decided to sleep in the recliner and let her younger sister have the couch.

About midnight on New Year's Eve, I left them to go to sleep.  It turns out they were awake for hours!  So they slept until about 10:00 Friday morning.  We had breakfast and then they started sewing and watching the Rose Parade on TV. 
This granddaughter would make a card and then sit down and 
write a note on it to someone, before making the next card.
They alternated working on their quilts and on the note cards.  We did not leave the house the entire time they were here.  We just sewed and watched Christmas movies.  The girls had so much fun.  They made good progress on their horse quilts and I am very impressed with their work.
The older granddaughter wrote on this one, a thank you 
note to me for having them come for the weekend.

Ron was gone most of the time, staying at the hospital with his mother while the doctors and hospital were trying to get his mom to go to a rehab facility.  I think all her effort kicking against the system strengthened her and by Sunday, they decided she was strong enough to go home.  (I am getting ahead of myself.)  Ron's sister had arrived on Thursday night to stay for a while to help out.
 This is the thank you note I received from the younger of the two girls
We had easy meals so we would not have to leave the sewing for long.  Again they stayed up late, but not as late as the first night.  The next morning we had a quick breakfast and returned to sewing.  The older of the two helped me make some of the beds with the clean linens after a house full of guests.
 The days were filled with happy smiles
It was a cold, rainy, windy two days and the girls also enjoyed watching the birds.  I did go out briefly to fill the bird feeders.  They always enjoy spotting the birds.
This Black-bellied Whistling Duck was sitting in the tree in the rain.

It was hard for me to stay a step ahead of the girls.  
 There was such a variety in the cards

Saturday late afternoon, our son brought the two oldest boys with him to town so they could all get haircuts and when they finished, they came to get the girls.  They had lots of cards to show off and take home with them.
Two sewing machines going at one time.
Jeff and the boys stayed for a while to visit and it was good to hear about the Winter Boy Scout camp they had attended.
Fun times and great memories!  I am so glad they 
could come and have fun at Grandma's house!

Sometimes, mistakes are made and out comes 
the seam ripper, but there were no complaints.

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