Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 27, 2016

Didn't Get Much Done at the Office
January 27, 2016

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There are days where I just seem to spin my wheels and it is usually my fault - poor planning and lousy memory.  Thankfully Ron had plans to spend the day in the office, so my disorganization did not mess up his day.  I was a little later than I wanted to be getting to the office.  First, I spent some time outside getting some weeds out of the cracks in the parking lot. Then I took some palm leaves to the dumpster only to find that someone else is dumping in our dumpster.

I had not been at the shop long before I remembered that I had planned to mail a couple of boxes when I took my mom to the eye doctor later in the day;  her eye doctor's office is close to the post office.  Ron told me to go on to the house and pick up the things.  I needed to make two more stops while I was out, but all went quickly and I was back at the office in about 45 minutes.  I spent the next 45 minutes fixing the boxes to mail.  I had a birthday gift to mail and a box of things to send to our son in New Mexico.

Once the boxes were sealed, I got my lunch out to eat and Ron came in with things to add to one of the boxes.  That meant cutting the tape, repacking, and resealing one of the boxes.   By the time I finished my lunch, it was time to go get Mom to go to her eye doctor for an appointment for a field of vision test.  She was under the impression she was also to see the doctor and she had an eye problem she needed him to look at.  I dropped her off and went to the post office and got my boxes mailed.  I failed to see that Mom had a packet to be mailed also.
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Back at the eye doctor's office, she was still waiting to be called in for her appointment.  One of the receptionists in the office is a lady who used to be one of our church secretaries.  We visited a little bit before Mom was called in for her test.  Then it turned out she did not have an appointment to see the doctor until May, only for the eye test.  She asked for one sooner and was given one in March.  In the end, they said they would check with the doctor and call her tomorrow.

Before I left Mom at home, we made one more stop.  She had ordered a phone provided by our state for the hearing impaired and it had arrived.  I hope it will help her.

Back at the office, I did a couple of little things.  Mostly I was doing more paper work.  My space in the office gets smaller and smaller!  There is too much stuff in there.  I need a BIG trash can.

After work I went by Mom's to leave some papers and we visited for a while.  Our youngest son called and I returned his call on my way home from Mom's house.  I came home and had supper before reading for a while.  I did a little cleaning and then talked for a bit with our son in New Mexico.  They have started their move.
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I forgot to mention that while Ron and I were at supper last night we used the mini mic with the Cochlear Implant.  It worked so well.  I only had to have him repeat a couple of things.  It does limit my hearing of others and when the waiter would come, Ron would have to handle almost all of that.  Then on the way home this evening I used the Cochlear phone clip and had great success talking to our youngest son.  I don't recall having to have him repeat at all and usually we both end up hanging up frustrated because I have him repeat so much.  Then again I used it with our oldest son and did well.  I am so glad I went ahead and spent the money on those accessories.  I hope it the future, they will provide them with the supplies for new Cochlear patients.

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