Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 21, 2016

Conquering the Paper Mountain
January 21, 2016

Packed up files, ready to store

My day at the office was mostly spent on paper work again.  I worked on the large lateral file cabinet where all the business records are kept and made good progress on boxing up all of last year's records.  They are all packed in a box I bought yesterday at the office supply store and are ready to be stored.

While working in the corner by the file cabinet, I also shredded a stack of papers and gathered some trash.  Progress was definitely made and the end of that project is in sight.  I replaced several hanging file folders that were falling apart and need to replace a few more.

Ron went on an errand for his mother and then went to the Wal-Mart that is closing and got some work pants and work shirts.  I hope to get out there early tomorrow for a couple of things.

Back at the office while Ron was gone, I had a couple of difficult customers who took a lot of time but bought nothing.  Some days are like that.

After work we met our friends for supper at Texas Roadhouse.  We had a very good meal but the service was not great and the table we had was in a noisy area.  I had asked for the same area we had last time but did not get it.  The battery had run down on the wireless mic, so I really had to struggle to hear, and probably gave wrong answers to questions I heard instead of the questions she asked.  My friend is probably used to that.

Once we got home I sorted some laundry, read a little, talked to my son in New Mexico and changed some bedding.  Now it is time to go to bed after I start the washer!  I feel good when I accomplish a lot of things that have to be done.  It is a lot more fun to do the things I want to do than the things I have to do.


  1. Good report at the eye dr.....some loose stitches removed since the transplant is completely healed and the stitches are coming out by themselves. Stopped one drop that will save $40 a month. PTL!

    1. It is always a delight to hear good news from your doctor visits. Are you staying in Lubbock for a while?

    2. We are going to DS on Tuesday. Karen and Mike are taking me back....the kids have their stock show this next week.

    3. Seems early for stock show. Here they are early spring. Have fun.