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December 26, 2015

You Never Know 
What a Day Will Bring;
Didn't I Just Say That Recently?
December 26, 2015

My new wireless Cochlear Phone Clip

Everyone was tired on Saturday, following Christmas Day.  I was up early and the house was quiet, until Ron appeared in the kitchen dressed and ready to go somewhere.  Ron had gotten an early morning call from his mother saying she wanted him to come take her to the hospital.  The general weakness and aching she had been feeling the previous few days, along with a cough, had worn her out.  Ron spent all day with her in the Emergency Room.  It turned out that she had pneumonia.  The doctors said it had been caught early and they were admitting her for a few days.  It was early evening before they had a room for her.

As for the rest of the family, a few did a little shopping.  There was an exchange or two to be made and it was just a restful day; for most of us. Diana and I went to the hospital that afternoon to check on Ron and his mom and to take some things to Ron that he needed.  They had his mother on oxygen and had started antibiotics.  She was breathing more easily.  Ron spent the day on his cell phone updating the family here and elsewhere.
 New Cochlear Wireless Microphone
David spent time in the evening working with me on the new Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip and Wireless Microphone that I purchased on my last trip to Houston.  It took a while to figure everything out, but they work well.  The phone Clip is super.  I am now able to handle phone calls a lot better.  The sound goes straight to the Sound Processor, and is so much clearer.  I am only using it with my cell phone - I think that is the only way it will work.

The new pieces of equipment were expensive, but I think they will be worth it once I really get used to them.  At this point, I am still just using them with a few people, but I don't think it will be long before I try them with others.  The wireless microphone took a little more getting used to, but proved to be a great success one evening the next week.
Joe Schmidt
We had an additional visitor arrive.  Joe Schmidt came to spend a couple of days with us.  About 33 years ago, Joe and six more young men lived with us for a couple of months in the summer.  Well, actually they lived in our house, but part of the time we were away on vacation.  They were summer missionaries at our church and we enjoyed having them in our home.  Joe spent the next summer here also as a summer missionary, but lived at my mom's since he was in a staff situation with the team and the other boys were staying with us.  Over the years we have had several visits from Joe as he is now a Baptist Student Ministry director in Commerce, TX at the college there.  He stayed with us through Monday morning.

I am so sorry Ron missed out on spending the day with our children, but I am glad he was free to be with his mom.  He is quick to go when she says she needs him.  We are so thankful she called and dealt with the pneumonia early.  Her last experience at the hospital had not been good and I was glad she did not fight going.  The ER staff was great.

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