Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

A Good Monday
January 25, 2016

This morning when I got up (later than I should have) I felt good.  I had more energy than I have had lately.  It did take me a while to get to the office because I had to take care of things in the yard since I had not felt like doing it yesterday.

When I got to the office, Ron was staying busy with customers.  I got to work on some things in my office.  As Ron gives me credit card receipts (like when he puts gas in his car, or buys supplies for a job) I put them in a box and save them until the bill comes and match them up to the bill.  He forgets to bring them to me most of the time, so when I fuss, he goes through his car and brings a stack.  Today I was going back over the last 2 or 3 months, putting them with the right bills.  That took a long time, but I got it all done.
The color on this hibiscus is so intense
Then I ate lunch (some of that chicken salad) while he went on a job.  He was not gone long, but had only come for supplies and went back.  After he got back I paid a few bills and dealt with today's mail (a larger stack than usual).  That doesn't mean it was anything useful, although there was a nice refund check from one of the business insurance companies.

There were several errands I needed to run, so I left the office early and went to the bank, the utility company, and to Sears to pay the Discover bill.  After Feb. 1, you can no longer do that.  I will miss that convenience.

Following the errands I came home and spent time working in the yard and hoping to get some bird photos, but they weren't interested.  So this is what I got instead:
This snake was on some oleander branches that hang out over the water.  He was the smaller of two that were in the same branches, but the other took to the water when it saw me.  Yuck!

Returning to the house, I had supper since Ron was working late.  Then I finished reading a book I was working on.  I really liked it.  Back to the Christmas tree.  I got about 1/2 of the ornaments off the tree and boxed up a lot of them.

Last night I forgot to mention, I was watching a new movie on the Hallmark station and it did not have closed captions.  I really did not realize how dependent I was on them.  It seemed to me the sound quality was not great.  It was disappointing to not really be able to follow the story well.

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  1. Your flower photos are magnificent, and the real thing must be even more so!