Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 20, 2016

Papers, Papers, Everywhere!
January 20, 2016

So much of my day at the office was spent on paper shuffling.  I got most of my medical papers sorted and packed away so that the file folders are ready for this year's information.  I hope the files are a lot skinnier this year.  There were just too many papers from too many doctors for this past year.

After I ate my lunch, Ron went out on a couple of jobs and when he returned I ran a couple of errands.  The previous day I had gotten a blood pressure machine from the medical supply place.  The cuff was the wrong size, so I returned it and got the correct size.  From there I went to the office supply store for supplies for today's project of the shop files.

At the office supply store, I was able to get all the things I needed, but it took longer than I had planned.  The store has downsized and so nothing is where it used to be.  I spent time hunting for each item I needed.

By the time I got back to the office, it was time to put things up and go home.  Ron was going to stay late and work so I decided to go to the Wal-Mart store that is closing in our town.  It has been my favorite because it was not usually crowded and I am sure that it why they decided to close it, but I will really miss it.  There is a new one closer to me and it has not been very crowded, but it is not as large as the one they are closing.

Looking around took a lot of time.  It was packed with people!  Funny thing I noticed as I wandered through the aisles was that almost every person I passed was pushing an empty basket.  Everything is 25% off, but having just had Christmas sales, the 25% didn't always look like a bargain.  I ended up buying one gift item and then mostly grocery staples such as baking supplies.  The sales had started last weekend so paper products were all gone.  Lots of the shelves were empty, which is their goal, but in the end I got about $100 worth of groceries for about $75.  Not too bad.

By the time I got home it was 8:00 and as I fixed my supper, Ron came home.  We were both tired from our long day.  I talked to our daughter-in-law in New Mexico and they are still  waiting for the lease on the rental they found.  She said in the beginning as they prayed for a house they asked God for a house just like the one they love that they are in, and in the same area.  God really answered that, giving them the exact same house plan, flipped over on a bigger lot with the mountains out the kitchen window instead of out the back door.  They would have enjoyed more space, but this will do very nicely.

I also talked to our son in Dallas and was able to have a better conversation with him than usual as I used the wireless phone clip.  He and his wife are exhausted.  They are still working with the contractor on things for their house and are living with boxes everywhere, but they know the updates will be worth it in the end.

How are so many of us ending our days too exhausted to enjoy being home?  That is something I need to work on for the coming year.  For my son and his wife in Dallas, part of theirs is that our daughter-in-law is working on her Master's Degree and both class time and papers to write are eating up her time. 

 Thursday will be back to the paper mountain at the office!  Maybe by the end of the week I will have conquered the mountain!

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