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January 22, 2016

Glad for a Friday
January 22, 2016

Somehow this week seemed to go quickly and I could not believe Friday had arrived.  I was up very early and got ready to go to the Wal-Mart in town that is being closed.  I had gone Wednesday evening, but my son had asked me to look for some things.  When I arrived, the parking lot was already almost full.  I found a spot and found a basket in the parking lot which I luckily took in with me.

The store was so full - especially the aisle I wanted.  Prices had been dropped to 50% off!  I took a photo of something and sent it to my son.  He replied quickly and the item was already gone when I turned back.  I did locate several items he wanted and then got more groceries for myself.  $120 in groceries for $60 is pretty good.

Then I went to check out.  The lines were already long and they had policemen and women there to direct people to 3 VERY long lines to wait for an open spot.  I waited about 40 minutes and I was fairly close to the start of the line.  The lines went to the back of the store and then I don't know where they went.

In the parking lot as I was putting my bags in the car, a man approached me and quickly said he was only waiting for my basket, but was willing to put my things in the car for me.  I thanked him but said I had some breakables, so I would rather do it myself.  I told him it was a good basket that worked well and he was welcome to wait for it, which he did.  People were driving up and down the lanes looking for parking places.  My plan had been to go to the office supply store, but instead I took my purchases home and then picked up lunch for Ron and myself before going to the office.  It was about 11:00 when I arrived.

I spent the afternoon on paper work again.  I paid bills and shredded papers.  I filed some things and prepared a bank deposit.  Ron went out on a couple of jobs and an errand or two.  I took the deposit to the bank and then returned to the shop briefly before going to pick my mother up to go to supper.

For supper we went to Jason's Deli.  Mom and I used my wireless mic for my Cochlear implant, and it worked very well.  I was very pleased.  Mom commented how much quieter it was than usual.  A few minutes after her comment, 4 school buses arrived and deposited loads of students in front of Jason's.  Jason's Deli was in for a busy evening.  We finished and left knowing they were going to need extra tables.

After taking Mom home I came home and spent the evening relaxing.  I did a little laundry, changed sheets on a couple of beds and read a little before going to sleep.

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