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December 27 - 30, 2015

The First Half of the Week
December 27 - 30, 2015

Two of our sons with their wives
Usually when David and Diana come for a visit, they leave after lunch on Sunday, but this time they needed to leave Sunday morning.  We were so glad to have had them here for a visit.  We were sorry Diana's nephew and niece could not be with them, but Dave texted after they got home to say the children loved their gifts and that their trip home went well.

Ron had gone by the hospital before church and then came to teach his Sunday School class.  After class he went back to the hospital and spent time with his mother before coming home to join us for lunch.  In the afternoon he returned to the hospital as did Stephen and Kristina.  I spent time cleaning the house and working on the last bit of finishing on Stephen and Kristina's quilt.  Joe spent time driving around town to areas where he had worked as a summer missionary.  I did get in a nap while everyone had scattered.

Monday, we had to return to work.  Joe planned to leave to meet a group going to work at a children's home in Mexico.  He had discovered that he had broken out with shingles while here.  Shingles are not contagious from the person with the shingles, but Ron and I had been putting off getting our shingles shots, so Joe's case reminded us that we should not keep putting it off.  I went to the office late.  The entire week turned out to be slow at the office.  We had talked in years past about closing for the week between Christmas and New Year's Day and maybe next year we will.  There was very little going on.  I had paper work to do, but that is about all.  Stephen and Kristina spent the evening with my mother visiting and watching a movie.  After work, Ron and I went to get our shingles shots.  (I had no reaction to mine, but Ron developed a huge welt where he had gotten his shot which lasted for days.)
One evening, Kristina and I made a cherry pie. 
 She wanted to know how to make the lattice work top.
Tuesday was about the same except I took the afternoon off to cook some of Stephen's favorites for supper.  His favorites are about the same as mine.  We had Swiss steak and scalloped potatoes.  After supper, Jeff, Barb and the 5 younger children came for a visit.  The two oldest boys were attending a Winter Boy Scout Camp in the Texarkana area.  They wanted to spend time with Stephen and Kristina before they left Wednesday.
Cake with one piece unfrosted by special request.

On Wednesday, Stephen and Kristina slept late and enjoyed supper leftovers for "brunch" before packing their car to head toward their home.  They had a stop or two to make on the way.  It had been so good to have them here.  It was their first visit since before they got married.

That evening we met our friends the Lawlers for supper and had a nice visit catching up on the holiday events in both families.  They had traveled to spend time with their daughter's family.

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