Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 6, 2016

Lots of Work to be Done
January 6, 2016

Current quilt project.  Almost finished.

The start of a new month always brings me extra work at the office.  The start of a new year increases that normal new month work load.  Today I did a stack of filing and was actually caught up on that for at least 30 minutes, before a few new papers showed up in the "To be filed" box.  I often wonder how the two of us can produce so much paper work!

This morning I got up about 7:30.  I had hoped dropping the blood pressure medication would make me feel more awake, but so far it hasn't.  I got to the office about 9:30.  Ron had a 10:00 job scheduled.  He returned from that about 12:30, just long enough to pick up a different set of tools for the next two jobs. 

One of those jobs was at the island, so he was gone most of the afternoon.  I did the filing, closed out several files from last year.  Now I need to box up all of the papers from 2015 for storage.  I am waiting for the bank statement to finish the reports for the accountant.

There were plenty of customers to keep me busy.  It was late before I had time for my lunch and then the afternoon went by in a blur.  When Ron got back, he finished the inventory and was going to send that information to the accountant.  I stayed until after closing time, running checks on Ron's math on the inventory.

When I got home I fixed our supper and he arrived about the time it was ready.  After supper I read for a while and then fell asleep in the recliner, waking up about 11:30.  I had a message from our daughter-in-law in New Mexico that she was still up if I wanted to chat.  I called her and we talked mostly about their house hunting.  They need to move by the end of the month.  They have not found a place yet that meets their needs.

While we chatted, I worked on the binding on a quilt and I just have one side to finish on that quilt.  It is always nice to be able to see "the light at the end of the tunnel."  While chatting, I was using the wireless phone clip for my Cochlear Sound Processor.  It does make a big difference in being able to hear on the phone.  I am so glad they keep improving and inventing new tools for the hearing impaired.

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