Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 10, 2016

Sleepy Sunday
January 10, 2016

One last look at the sewing room 
Christmas tree before I take it down.
I am working to get off some medications that I am taking.  When I went to the heart doctor this past week, he took me off the blood pressure medication they put me on in the hospital and the baby aspirin that I had also been put on at that time.  The blood pressure medication was making me retain fluid and it is now nice to see that my feet are normal size after stopping that medication.

Three other medications make me sleepy and the problem is, they work well for their intended purposes.  The doctors have changed the hours when I take them so that may help, but so far, I am still getting very sleepy.

This morning I did get up about 6:45 and started working on a stew for lunch.  I made two big pots of it so that we could eat on it for a few days.  They both turned out to be perfect and I now have lunches for work and at least a couple of suppers. 

The weather is "stew" or "chili" weather.  As we pulled out of the driveway to go to church, the temperature was 40 degrees.  It was a gorgeous day with a crystal clear sky and just a slight breeze.  Sunday school was well attended and the worship service was very good.  The past few days they have had a young man here helping redo our sound system at the church.  I think it was better this morning, but I did talk to the music director after church to tell him the piano mic is drowning out the other things.  Ron told me that the man working on the system detected that problem and worked on it today.  We are thankful for this young man who came to spend time here to make things better.

There are so many mission projects going on at the church.  That makes it exciting.  We know God is moving in hearts.  Our Christmas Lottie Moon (foreign mission) offering goal was not real high, but we exceeded it by over $3,000.  Many people filled shoe boxes, earlier in the year buckets were filled for another mission project.  So many good causes are being addressed.

After church, Ron and I came home and had a quiet lunch of the stew and French bread.  We had a relaxing time just chatting.  I napped and he went to a meeting at the church, then to his mom's and back to another meeting at the church.  I got the boxes out for the Christmas decorations in the sewing room.  That is as far as I have gotten.

Our son in New Mexico called and we talked for a while.  They are still seeking the best place for them to move in the next couple of weeks.  He has many boxes packed, but many more to go.  The new wireless Cochlear phone clip is working well.  I am having better results with it than I am with the mini wireless microphone.   I spent a little time in the yard checking on my flower bed and all looks great. 

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