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January 26, 2016

An Unexpected Treat
January 26, 2016

Blocks for a new quilt
Tuesday morning I had to be up early to be at the doctor's office for blood tests at 8:30.  It takes nearly 30 minutes to get from our house to their office.  It was a fasting blood test, so I didn't get breakfast.  Thankfully, it did not take too long and by 9:15 I was on my way to the office.

An interesting conversation occurred at the doctor's office.  I was just seeing the nurse.  They have had trouble getting a good vein lately and I had expected the same problem this time, but it actually went pretty well and I got out with out a bruise.  I asked the nurse where she grew up and she said in our community.  She told me her parents were migrants who worked in the fields where ever the crops were ready for harvesting.  They traveled to Florida, Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan - where ever the work was.  She is a very bright lady and I have always enjoyed talking to her.

This lady has the same name as one of my granddaughters and so I am able to remember her name.  She said that where ever they traveled her parents took the children to local county fairs, etc.  She loved the beauty of the places they went.  She loved the hills and trees and cool streams in the middle of summer.  There were 10 children in her family and she talked of the fun they had.  Weekends were always for the family to do special things.  She said the boss was a very nice man who invited them to picnics.  She said she had a wonderful childhood.  What a difference perspective can make.  Her parents didn't complain about the circumstances, they made it fun.  I wish we could have chatted longer.

That is another conversation that I would not have tried to start a few years ago due to my limited hearing.  I love hearing people's stories about their families and their memories.

At the office I spent more time on paper work but later in the day, I did some sewing.  I got several new blocks made.  (See photo at the top of the page)  This is another of the projects that I can easily work on at the office.  Ron was out for part of the day.

As I was doing some bookkeeping late in the afternoon, Ron said he had a job that was an emergency at Port Isabel and he wondered if I wanted to go with him.  It had been a very windy day and the cool front had arrived.  I went home a little early so he could pick me up there and only have one car for the job.  The drive across the barren area along the ship channel was really windy and there was a very light rain.  His job only took a couple of minutes and then we went to supper.

Pirate's Landing in Port Isabel is one of our favorite places to eat and it was a nice treat to get to do that when I thought our supper was going to be leftovers.  Due to the weather, the crowd at Pirates' Landing was down and we were able to get a table by the windows.  The bay was very choppy from the high winds. 
The view from our table when we first arrived
Our waiter was a delight.  He was fun to talk to and so considerate.  I asked why he carried so many ticket pads.  He mentioned a recent large group who wanted 12 or 13 separate tickets for their table.  We gave him our sympathy and then I turned to Ron and teasingly asked if he had told the man we wanted separate tickets.  I thought the guy was going to fall over laughing.  He got a generous tip.  He added to our enjoyment of the evening.

Supper was so much better than the supper at home.  We shared a platter of nachos and shared a meal of beef fajitas which were amazingly tender.  We were both full when we left and relaxed.  The drive home was almost traffic free.

Back in town we stopped at the Wal-Mart that is closing to see what additional bargains we could find.  We found several.  Almost everything is gone.  Only about 15% of the store is now being used to house the items still available.  I got a rotary cutting mat - larger than any I have had for under $15 and that is a great price!  Ron got a couple of shirts and some yard items.  I got a jigsaw puzzle and a few more canned goods.

One of our sons called as we had just gotten to our table at supper.  Ron talked to him briefly and he says they are close to starting work on updating their kitchen.  They are going to enjoy the changes so much!

It was 9:00 by the time we got home.  Since I had left the house at 8:00 in the morning, it was a long day; but a very nice one.
The water got rougher as the evening went on

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