Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 2, 2015

Short Day at the Office
September 2, 2015

Hooded Oriole
This morning we were later getting up than we like to be on the days that I give myself the allergy shots.  I was running about an hour later than usual.  When it was about time for me to head to the office, I started feeling bad with an upset stomach which can be from the allergy shots - or a dozen other things.  So I sent Ron a text telling him I would be later than planned.  I had been doing some cleaning and some bird photography. 

Before I started feeling bad, I spent time working in the yard a little bit.  I washed and refilled 3 hummingbird feeders and the woodpeckers were quickly working on this feeder.  The others are hard for them to manage.
Young female Golden-fronted Woodpecker
It was 12:30 before I got to the office and Ron spent much of the rest of the day working in the warehouse filling our dumpster with wet, yucky, boxes as he had done the previous day.  The flood waters in the warehouse left a mess.  One side of the warehouse had water about 2 inches deep and part of the other side it was as much as 8 inches deep.  We try to keep things of any value on pallets to be above water level and as far as we know, we did not lose anything of value.
The Buff-bellied Hummingbird finally got a turn at the feeder
I had picked up some lunch for us on my way to the office and we ate together and chatted.  After lunch, I started working on an assortment of items.  I had a fun project I had been working on and was finally able to spend some time with it. 
 The stress reliever doll standing on top of 
another "freebie" we got from our supplier
We have a little squeeze "doll" that is a "stress reliever" and I took it on our trip with us to Quiet Hill and one of my granddaughters and I took photos of it in different places and I am writing a little book about his adventures to send to the company that sent it to us.  It is one of our suppliers.  I have it almost finished.  It is just silly and fun.  I will send them a copy and give one to our granddaughter who helped me with the photos and keep one for myself.  I am just printing it out on my computer.
Male Golden-fronted Woodpecker checking out an old vacant home
After work I went to the drug store to get a prescription that was ready but the lines were so long I decided it could wait.  I did get a couple of items before coming home.  Once at home I had planned to work in the yard but the rains that we had today left everything too wet.  I would have been pulling weeds with big mud blobs on the roots.  Maybe tomorrow I can do it if it doesn't rain any more. 
Male Golden-fronted Woodpecker
Ron had gone to his mother's for supper since he didn't go on his usual Tuesday night.  I made a light supper for me and spent the rest of the evening on the computer.  Ron had gone to pick up some hoses in the yard before the yard man comes and mows over them.  He spotted a pair of parrots at the top of the eucalyptus trees.  He took some photos of them. 
I hope they will move into the neighborhood!
You may recall that one day I posted photos of one of these Red-Lored Parrots in the backyard.  These are further out from the house, but still in our yard.  This tree is VERY tall and they are at the top.
Red-Lored Parrots


  1. Not only a super photographer, but an author, too! So proud of you and your many talents. Sorry you felt poorly.

    1. Thank you. Felt good today so that was good. Hope you are feeling better, too.