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September 7, 2015

The Best Labor Day I Can Remember!
September 7, 2015

White Bougainvillea at Jeff's house 
What a great day, Monday, Labor Day was for us.  Ron and David left early in the morning for an outing.  I got up about the time they left at 6:30.  I got my shower and dressed.  Then it was time to fill ponds, birdbaths, and bird feeders; the sparrows have been emptying them rapidly. 

 Bath time at two of the birdbaths.  It was a hot day.

No one else was stirring, so I spent time on the computer catching up on my blog. I spent time bird watching and they kept me entertained.  Next I started sewing on my current quilt project.  I was able to get about 6 squares made before anyone else was up.
As I have said before, the birds are always watching me.
Cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins were the breakfast choices when the others got up about 10:00.  We had a leisurely breakfast and about the time I cleaned things up, the guys got back from their outing.  They showered and David got his car loaded with the luggage for his family.  It was about noon when we left to head to Jeff's house for lunch and a visit.

When we got to Jeff's house, David's family got a tour since they had not yet seen the house.  The kids all found things to do and cousins to play with as the adults visited and pizzas were put in the oven for lunch.  Lunch was a relaxing time of visiting and laughing and catching up on one each others lives.
 The youngest three
Everyone spent the afternoon sharing news, ideas, hopes, plans, and opinions.  It was just a good time of visiting with folks who don't see each other often enough.  Late afternoon, Dave's family headed home and the only downer to the day was that they got caught in a 2 hour traffic jam caused by a major accident on their route home.

 Ron and me with two of our sons
We stayed for a couple more hours and talked about decorating ideas for the house, the kids activities, and the pressures of busy schedules.  Ron and I headed home about sunset time and arrived home happy but exhausted.  It was not long before I curled up with my pillows and quilt and I slept well through the night.  That is why I am writing this Monday morning!

 The youngest of the cousins
Hearing issues were the same as usual - it is hard to hear in Jeff's dining area between the kitchen and family room.  Jeff is working on ideas to help since it bothers him as well.  The youngest children ate in the formal dining room at a little table in the bay window area, so their noise was not a factor at our tables.  I sat at a table in the family room and did OK with those at my table.

 The cousins
What more could one want for a holiday than a house filled with family?  

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