Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 24, 2015

September 24, 2015
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Me, feeling pulled in different directions with what I hear the allergist say.
As far back as I can remember, I have always tried to follow doctors' orders.  As far back as I can remember, I have had allergy problems.  Some of those allergy problems have gotten worse over the years.  I have taken enough allergy medications to fill a HUGE medicine cabinet several times over.  I have tried too many different medications to remember all of them.  Some of those medications, I have been allergic to.

Today I went to the new allergist for allergy testing since he would not prescribe for me based on the tests run by a different allergist.  I understand that.  We are not finished with all the testing - he has ordered blood work to see about food allergies.  I have not heard of that before and will do research on it.  He says, yes, I am very allergic to dust, dust mites, dogs, cats, grasses, weeds, and trees, but he does not recommend allergy shots.  Because of my age!  He could have given me a lot of other reasons that would have been much more polite!  I did not like that one.   No wonder I am depressed!

Again, I understand what he is saying about age, but to someone who had a grandfather who lived to be 96, who has a Mom who is 92 and still fighting hard to stay active, I was not pleased.  The reasoning is that as we age, the heart gets weaker so if there is a major reaction to the shots, the heart could become a problem.  BUT, he said if I wanted the shots, he would do that.

Allergy shot or not?

Actually, that is where my frustration came in.  I went to him to see what he thought I should do, not for me to tell him what I wanted.  The final outcome is that I will stop all current allergy medications and do a new one he is suggesting and a new nasal spray.  I will try them for 2 months and then come back to see him. 

Today Ron had a job up the valley for all day so I spent the day at the office and had to lock up when I went for the allergy testing.  I spent the day filling key hooks, waiting on customers, and doing odds and ends in my office. Then at the end of the day I had to lock up.

My friend, Dolores, came by the office this morning, and picked up a quilt I had ready to be quilted and texted me this afternoon while I was still at the doctor that it was finished.  She will bring it to me in the morning!  She is quick!  I am amazed.

As for my hearing, it was a major problem at the doctor's office.  He has a heavy Spanish accent and talks fast.  I repeatedly had to ask him to repeat and know I missed a lot of what he said.  All his help was the same way - fast talkers and accents.  I really needed an extra set of ears with me today.

Looking for a place to eat supper!
We met our friends for supper at the usual place, but the restaurant had a gas leak and was closed.  We went to another place down the street from there and as we pulled in the lot, they turned off the OPEN sign.  They must have heard I was in a bad mood.  So we went to a third place and it was not too full when we got there but quickly many people came in and it got very noisy.  The food was OK, but my vote is to go back to the other place next time.

It was a good day.  I think I would be fine with taking an allergy pill each evening and sleeping late in the mornings instead of doing the shots.  It was just the mixed message I was getting from the allergy doctor.  Hope your day was great.


  1. Wow! Your post does sound very frustrating! Hopefully the days ahead will be better!

  2. Wow! Your post does sound very frustrating! Hopefully the days ahead will be better!

  3. Why can't doctors just say "I don't know,but we'Il try this.......!?