Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 17, 2015

If It Isn't Doctors, It is Hospitals!
September 17, 2015

 Don't panic!  It wasn't me!

Don't panic!  I was at the emergency room this afternoon at Valley Baptist Hospital but I was there to check on Mom's helper, Carmen.  As Mom and I agreed this afternoon, you never know what a day will bring.

This afternoon, I had just gotten back from the Allergy doctor's office when Mom called and said that Carmen had cut her hand badly and Mom had called 9-1-1 for an ambulance to take Carmen to the hospital, since Mom doesn't drive.  I told Ron to tell her I would be right there.  When I arrived I asked if she had canceled the ambulance, and she had not, so I suggested she do so.  They told her they were almost to her house so she told them to come on over.
They arrived in just a minute or two and I was helping Carmen out of the house to go to the hospital.  I had wrapped some ice in a dish towel for her and the EMS personnel came and checked her hand and wrapped the finger that was cut deeply and suggested she go one to the hospital.  About that time her sister arrived, so her sister took her while Mom and I went back in the house.  Both Mom and Carmen were very shaken by the episode and I cleaned up the blood in the sink area and mopped the trail of drips I left in my clean up efforts.  Mom sat down with a soda and caught her breath.  

Carmen and Mom are so good for each other and they each worry about the other.  After I took care of the kitchen and Mom was relaxed a little, I went to the hospital to check on Carmen.  Her sister was in the waiting room of the ER with two friends from her church who had rushed to the hospital to be with the two sisters.  What sweet friends they have.  
Image result for free clipart images hospitals
 Image result for free clipart images hospitals
Carmen's sister, Silvia, told me that they were working on stitching Carmen's finger and although the cut is deep, they said it would be fine.  Silvia said she would take Carmen home when she was finished.  

With all the talk this week about nurses and stethoscopes, I thought I should thank them for their good work and for having those Doctor Tools, to take care of people who are sick or hurt.  It has been interesting to see how offended the entire country is by the thoughtless words and actions of the people on The View as they managed to insult nurses around the world.  I have had a lot of nurses looking after me this week and now they are looking after Carmen.  I am glad they are there, in doctor's offices, hospitals, schools, clinics, etc. to help in time of need.

As for the rest of my day, I was up early, made Ron's coffee, put away clean dishes, sorted laundry, ran a load of dishes, and got my shower before getting ready for work.  I spent a few minutes in the yard taking care of the birds and then went to the office about 10:00.  I took care of some bookkeeping items and a couple of customers before leaving to go to see the different allergist right after lunch.
The Allergist's office is in a new building just a couple of minutes from our house.  I had paper work to fill out and then I was seen by a nurse, followed by a Physician's Assistant, before the doctor came in.  Basically, we need to start over on the allergy testing.  He is not as good at bedside manner as the others I am seeing, but I guess I don't really need that - just like it.

I am to do no shots until he has time to test me and see if the shots are needed and if so in what concentration and mixture.  I am to be off allergy medicines for a week and be tested next Thursday.  When I returned to the office I was telling Ron about the appointment when Mom called.  I got back to the office from the hospital ER just in time to put things away and close for the day.  

Ron and I had supper with our friends and had a lot of catching up to do.  They had been out of town and we heard about their trip and they heard about all that is going on here.  It was good to have them back.  When we left the restaurant, Ron and I went to Wal-Mart for a few items.  He needed some supplies for the office and I needed some yogurt.  Once we got home, I watched some news and then worked on the blog.  

Hope your day was UNeventful!


  1. Glad you are getting a fresh start attacking the allergy problem. Praying they get a good test run and are able to get the right meds going and get then regulated where they won't cause you so much misery! Tell Carmen I'm praying her hand heals quickly.

    1. Thank you, Tiny. I will let Carmen know she is in your prayers. Yes, I hope this will be a good solution to the allergy problems. I was getting better on the other shots but, I am going into my bad time of the year with allergies, so hope they can attack this quickly.