Friday, September 4, 2015

September 3, 2015

Long Day, Nice Day
September 3, 2015

The yard has stayed green with Ron's effort to keep it watered this summer,
 but there is nothing like a good rain to perk everything up.

Before my alarm went off, I was up and working.  I had several things I wanted to get done before I left for the office.  I baked some muffins for breakfast and had Ron's coffee made for him before he was awake.  I cleaned the kitchen and fixed part of my lunch (which I left at home). 

It was about 9:30 when I got to the office - a lot earlier than most days.  I needed to run some errands;  when Ron finished some things he was working on, I went to the mall to pay the Discover bill.  Discover will no longer be letting people pay their Discover bills at Sears after the first of the year.  I like doing it at Sears and am sorry that they are making that change.

Then I went to Staples and bought a few office supplies and with a variety of Rewards coupons and gift cards, I was able to buy several storage containers that I use to keep my quilting fabrics and projects clean and organized.  This evening I spent a couple of hours rearranging and fixing things in the sewing room to keep projects together.  It is a never ending challenge to do that.  While I was out, I also stopped at the drug store to pick up a prescription. 
Years ago we started a patch of ivy in the back yard; the rains this year 
have really helped the growth of the ivy.  Look at the size of those leaves.

When I returned to the office, I had my lunch - the leftovers from my lunch yesterday.  Then I spent time  paying bills and doing a little filing.  I helped with a few customers.  It seemed that most of the customers came early in the morning before I got to the office and Ron was swamped then, while the rest of the day they were pretty well scattered out so that he took care of most of them.

We met our friends for supper and had a good time catching up.  We discussed the flooding from earlier in the week.  Just about everyone has a story connected to that flooding.  When there has been time this week, I have asked my customers how they did with Monday's flooding rains.  One said she may have to replace her car.

The food at the restaurant was good, but the service was terrible!  There was only one waitress and she spent her time on her cell phone and watching the television.  We really wish restaurants would not have televisions!  It was frustrating.  I am more picky than Ron about the service normally, but tonight Ron said he did not think he ever had service that bad.  Strange.  She was new and none of the other staff members were there, except in the kitchen.

Oh, this afternoon, late in the work day, I worked some more on my book about "the little stress doll".  I think I just have about 6 more pages to do - I got about that many done today.  Can't decide how to end the little book.

Sometimes after I write a blog, I think, "Well, that was boring."  It dawned on me a couple of days ago that the reason for that is that several of the hearing issues are not really issues in my daily life anymore.  I just go through my days like everyone else; some days are fun and exciting and some are just routine.  That is good.  I am not constantly thinking about my Cochlear Implant.
Red-Lored Parrot pair

One thing that brought that hearing situation to my mind was when Ron asked for my camera to go take photos of the parrots in the tree tops.  I can hear the birds.  I can hear the loud noisy parrots.  As I was driving to supper, with the windows up in the car and the air conditioning on high, I heard the sound of a flock of Green Parakeets before I saw them swoop down and fly across right in front of my car.  About a mile later a flock of about thirty of them flew over the car and again, I heard them before I saw them.  I thank God that I can hear them. 

The hearing is not perfect.  I have to ask for a lot of things to be repeated; and I still play "fill in the blank" as I try to figure out what was said when I didn't hear all of a sentence or conversation.  The alternative would have been to live in a world of total silence, but thankfully, I don't have to do that.  I tried to listen to a song on my computer yesterday that is one I have heard many times before I went deaf; it did not sound like a song.  It sounded like someone almost speaking the lines in a dull monotone voice.  That was a reminder of what I can't hear normally; but the music I hear in my head all day is great.

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