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September 12, 2015

Allergic Reaction Continues
September 12, 2015

Happy Birthday to our 7 year old grandson!

Ron had plans for Saturday morning and I had asked him to let me sleep.  I woke up at 6:30 and he was still sleeping.  I woke him to ask if he was going.  He just grunted.  I left him sleeping.  In the kitchen I found he had left me a note that in the middle of the night he had gone to the office to put out the sandbags as a heavy rain had started.  I guess he was there a long time and came home exhausted; plus his plans for Saturday morning were rained out. 
The new flower bed I put in Thursday evening; well watered by Friday night rains.

I spent time cleaning the kitchen that I was too tired to do the night before.  About 7:30 the rain had stopped and I went to do birthday and grocery shopping at a new Wal-mart near our house. My allergic reaction reached from my arm pit to my elbow and was still very hot to the touch as well as itchy.  It went about 2/3 of the way around my upper arm and later in the day extended past the elbow.
The hanging basket I did Thursday night
During the late morning and early afternoon, I sewed for a while, getting 12 blocks made for my current quilt project.  I need at least 84 and maybe 96 and now have 54 made.  Progress continues, but slower than I had hoped. 
One of the new chrysanthemums blooming
Ron and I ate leftovers for lunch and later I got my shower and washed my hair.  We were going to McAllen to celebrate our youngest grandson's birthday. 
 Discussing the S'more birthday cake with his little friend.
My arm continued to swell and itch although the red was fading.  I took Benadryl and decided I needed to contact the allergist before I did shots on Sunday as scheduled.  I sent her the same photo of my arm that I posted yesterday and told her what was going on.  We exchanged a few text messages and she told me to stop the shots until I could see my doctor about a decision on continuing the shots. 
Lots of new growth on the tree at our son's that was struck by lightening recently!
We picked up Mom and Carmen for the birthday celebration in McAllen.  I napped briefly on the way up.  The party was small, just us, a cousin of the kids, and another family from our church.  We had a good time visiting. 
 Our gift was a big hit!  I ran into a great sale at Wal-Mart early in the morning
The birthday boy loves snacks and sweets.  His mom does a good job of controlling them at home, but for his birthday she had set up a Snack Shack with all sorts of snacks and all the children and adults enjoyed snacking before and after supper.  The supper was favorites of the birthday boy who turned 7.
 Our gift to our grandson

Jeff's middle daughter had gotten a camera recently for her birthday and I have been telling her that she will get great sunset views at her house.  That was true last night.  She and I went out and shot some beautiful pictures of the sunset and she kept remarking it was the most beautiful one she had ever seen.  She has much more in store at this house, because of a good viewing spot.  This one will pale compared to some she will see.
  A lovely sunset from our son's front yard.
We had a good time, but I was not feeling really "up to par" so we left around 9:00 to come home and take Mom and Carmen home.  I was asleep before too long, again in the recliner in the sewing room.  It had been a day of a lot of activity and a lot of questions about the future of my allergy shots.  

The end of a wonderful day

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