Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28 & 29, 2015

Two Very Busy Days
September 27 & 28, 2015

There has not even been time for photos the last two days.  I started out yesterday by going to the office early so Ron could go finish a job up the valley.  It was a very busy day in the office - busier than most have been lately.  I spent much of the day on my feet.  Ron had expected to be back about 1:00 so I had not worried about taking a lunch.  There were a couple of errands I needed to run when he got back so I had expected to get lunch then

One of the people who came in was a man from our church who is going to recover a chair for me.  He thought he would only be able to repair it and not recover it due to the unusual structure of the chair, but he had  gone on line and found out how to recover it.  Now I just need to shop for foam and fabric.  He stayed a long time and we had a very interesting talk.

Ron texted me about 1:30 that his car had a dead battery and he was waiting for AAA to send help.  It was about 4:00 when he returned to the office.  So much for my lunch.  I had raided the office refrigerator, but there was very little in there.  I had worked on several things on my desk and had run off hundreds of invoice and estimate forms.  They still need to be cut with the paper cutter, but I think it will be next week before I get back to them.
Once Ron arrived, I caught him up on all the things that had gone on.  We closed up at the regular time and met our friends for supper at the usual Mexican food restaurant.  It is always nice to spend time with them.  They are going to try to refinish the wood on the chair that the other man is going to recover.  I have amazing friends!

After we got home, I left on some errands.  I had some things to return at the mall and then went to Kohl's and used some cards I had to get $20 in merchandise for $4.60.  From there I went to the grocery store and got enough to get us by for a couple of days.

Today was just as busy but in a different way.  I spent a couple of extra hours at the house working on a variety of things.  Then I went by the allergy doctor's office to see if he would recode the order for blood work that had the wrong code on it.  They were not at all helpful.  From there I went to the office, again not taking a lunch since I thought I would grab a bite before going to work.

Ron left on a job and when he returned I was finishing up a deposit that I did not get to take to the bank yet.  Ron had called and gotten me an appointment with my doctor at 3:00, so I went and was called in at once.  The doctor and I talked about my allergy situation and a few other things and she ordered the test the other doctor didn't recode.  They were able to do the test right then at their office.

Leaving there I headed to the mall to pay the Discover bill and then to pick up some lunch (at 5:00) and came home to eat and get ready for the quilt group.  There were 4 besides me tonight and we had a good time.  I love this group of ladies.  They are a nice bunch.

Later in the evening after doing some laundry and some cleaning, I talked to our daughter-in-law in New Mexico.  Two very long days and still things to be done.  I better get to work!

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