Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 9, 2015

An Uneventful Day
This Year
September 9, 2015
(written on the 10th)

Young sparrow waiting for a spot at the feeder
This year, September 9, was a rather uneventful day.  Not a lot happened at the office.  I worked on the mess on my desk.  I helped with a few customers, but Ron was in all day so he took care of most of them. 

One of the customers I helped was VERY difficult to understand.  He spoke rapidly and not clearly.  I was eager for Ron to finish with the customer on the phone and help me with the man.  While I waited, I told the man that I was hard-of-hearing and could not understand him.  He said he was almost deaf and also had trouble understanding.  So we talked about hearing issues until Ron was available. 
Broccoli Soup with grated cheddar cheese on top
After work I came home and made broccoli soup for supper.  It had been a while since I had done that; it was very tasty and we both enjoyed it.  I had just finished eating when Ron got home.  He had stayed to do some work on some locks.

The reason I mentioned that THIS year, September 9 was an uneventful day, is that two years ago on September 9, I had my second elbow surgery within about 3 months.  The first one had not solved my problems from the broken elbow, and an artificial radial cap had to be put in to replace the top portion of one of the bones.  Now, two years later, I have few limitations from the surgeries.
Golden-Fronted Woodpecker young female
The surgery was on the left arm.  There is still a scar (but I can only see it in the mirror).  I rarely think about it except when I try lifting something heavy with that arm.  I can do it, but it does cause some discomfort.  I try not to stress it - I want it to last the rest of my life.  I notice it when getting a stack of bowls or heavy plates off an upper shelf in the kitchen.  Getting heavy things from the counter top or a lower shelf is not a problem. 

The extension is not perfect on that arm, but I can wash my back easier with that arm than the other arm for some reason.  The rotation is good, but lifting heavy items with the arm rotated, can cause me to rethink that idea.  Bumping it doesn't hurt.  I do bump it often, I think it sticks out a little further than the other one.  It does seem to react a little to weather changes, but not too badly. 
Green Jay
Compared to two years ago, it was a great day!  There were lots of birds in the yard, but the only time I had when I could take photos of them was late in the day and they did not turn out too well.  I am sharing a couple.

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